How to Care the Everyday-Wearing Wigs?

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When you are suffering from permanent hair loss, you might consider the idea of wearing a wig everyday. This is a nice way to regain your confidence and keep anxiety at bay, while also changing up your style. While becoming more and more popular, wearing a wig daily is something a bit different than wearing it occasionally, requiring more diligence and attention. Here are 6 tips that will help you make your long-term wear as comfortable as possible.

1. Measure your head precisely

Measuring your head size is highly important in ensuring comfortable extended wear. When choosing a wig for occasional wear, you may not worry so much about its size matching perfectly the size of your head. You just wear it for a few hours and in this short period of time, the discomfort may not manage to show up.

The story changes when we speak about long-term wear. If you keep a wig on days in a row and your head is slightly larger than the size of the wig, you are expected to feel slight discomfort and pain that slowly increases as you continue wearing the hairpiece. This is why you need to measure your head precisely and choose a wig that corresponds exactly to your measurements. In this way, you ensure that you will not experience any pain along your wear.

2. Try a cap liner

If you plan on wearing a wig every day, you should also pay attention to your scalp chemistry to prevent discomfort during your wear. If you have an oily scalp or if you use to sweat up a storm, the wig can lose its bond faster than you might expect. From this perspective, you would be safer wearing a cap liner on top of your scalp that will come to build a barrier between your scalp skin and wig, preventing the wig from contacting with oil and sweat. In this way, you will not have to remove the hair system over and over for cleanup.

3. Stick to a washing routine

Washing a wig is especially important when you wear it every day. Generally, it is recommended to wash the hairpiece after 6-8 wears. However, the frequency depends also on many factors, such as: what scalp chemistry you have, which environment and climate you live in, how active a lifestyle you lead and how many styling products you use. Of course, if you live in a polluted environment, do cardio exercises every day or use much styling gel, it is vital for you to wash your wig more often.

4. Switch between more wigs

A good trick to avoid quick wear and tear of a wig worn daily is to switch it up. If you plan on extended wear, you can consider buying two or three hairpieces and switch them out. In this way, you will reduce the wear and tear of each wig and boost its longevity. Moreover, you are expected to wash each wig less often, saving precious time that you can spend on other activities.

5. Avoid sleeping with the wig on

This tip may be skipped by people who wear a synthetic fiber wig which tends to return to its prefab style. If you have thought a natural hair wig, which is increasingly popular nowadays, you are better off removing your hairpiece before sleep. Natural hair gets tangled and loses its style once it's subject to intense friction with the pillow. This will make you spend a lot of time in the morning on restyling and detangling.

6. Reduce adjusting to minimum

Once you wear the wig all day, you may be tempted to play with it and adjust it. This practice is though not quite recommended because you cause skin irritation and destroy your hairstyle. This is why you need to avoid making constant adjustments to your wig and choose a more powerful bonding agent that would secure it better and prevent it from falling and sliding.

All in all, to improve the longevity of your daily wear wig and have a more comfortable time spent with it, you need to take some measures, including wearing a cap liner, switching more wigs out, washing the hair system frequently and avoiding adjusting it throughout the day. 

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