Reasons for Choosing A Toupee Lace Hair Unit Base for Men And How to Keep It

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Toupee lace hair unit base for men is very difficult to choose when you have a hair loss problem. You have to consider the material, size, price of a toupee, etc. For this blog, I will have a brief introduction of some steps about toupee buying and choosing related.

How should we buy high-end toupees?

To buy high-end toupees, first of all, we must learn to identify the quality of hair and whether there is adulteration. For example, by burning its hair, we can judge whether the hair fabric is mixed with chemical fiber, check whether the color of the hair is uniform and whether the hair looks shiny, and we can judge whether the hair is collected, mixed, and whether the hair is damaged.

What the point that real human hair is better than chemical fabric hair toupee.

From the material aspect, the real hair toupee is made of good quality human hair. It is the same as our hair and has been treated with special acid, which is healthy and semi-pure natural. After wearing it, we will not have an allergic reaction when we come into contact with the scalp. When maintained, the chemical fiber toupees are completely different from each other.

Toupees made of real hair are comfortable to wear. Chemical fiber toupees are made of chemical raw materials. Some people are not suitable to wear if their skin is sensitive. The real hair toupee is well-made and has a clear texture, so it doesn't feel heavy when you are wearing it. You can wear a real hair toupee every day.

Moreover, toupees made of real hair can have a long service life. Because of the material, a real hair toupee is not easy to be short-tempered, and its appearance and color can remain unchanged for a long time, which is relatively stable, and it is very easy to become supple after being carefully maintained. Therefore, with perfect maintenance, it can be used for three to five years. Chemical fiber toupees do not this character. It tends to be short-tempered and discolored after a long time using.

Nowadays, more and more people have a problem of hair loss with this fast-paced era, more and more people start to wearing a toupee for their good looking.

However, wearing a toupee for a certain period, sweat, oil, and dust will accumulate on your toupee or hairline. In this situation, we have to mention how to wash our toupee lace hair unit base for men.

When we wash our toupees?

1. In the beginning when you are wearing a toupee.

For a brand-new men's toupee with a lace net bottom, the factory will cover it with a layer of silicone to protect the hair and keep it in a good condition. However, the existence of silicone will make it difficult for the glue to stick effectively, which will make you wear it unsteadily

So it's best to clean your toupee after you just bought it.

2. After 2-3 weeks’ wearing

Although it is a toupee, it is the same as our real hair and needs regular cleaning. So how to clean the worn lace hair block? Here are some steps you should follow:

1. Wipe gently on the bottom of the net with cotton to remove all the glue on it.

2. Rinse the lace net bottom and the hair with warm water (do not overheat the water, otherwise it will easily cause deformation of the net bottom and hair).

3. Take a small amount of shampoo, rub out the foam on your hair, and then rinse it off with warm water.

4. Using a conditioner that has a soft conditioning effect on toupees can make hair soft and not easy to entangle.

5. Rinse the conditioner with warm water.

6. Wipe your hair gently with a towel to absorb water (be careful not to pull too hard, otherwise the fragile net bottom will be easily torn, or the hair above will be easily torn off).

After drying, put it on the toupee stand to dry, and then wear it whenever you want.

Toupee lace hair unit base for men tips:

1. When cleaning men's toupee, please do not soak it in any type of liquid such as water and conditioner for more than 10 minutes, because long-term soaking will loosen the hair knot and cause the hair to fall off from the toupee.

2. Don't wash your toupee as often as you wash your hair, because washing too often will hurt your toupee and cause the toupee hair to tangle.

3. Cleaning at home can only clean up the dirt on its surface, but deep cleaning and hair maintenance need to be cared for by special personnel, so your toupee needs to be regularly taken to toupee shops and other places for special maintenance.


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