The Causes of My Hair System Won’t Stick

January 27, 2021 Blog Views: 3445

This article is for people who just start to wear hair systems or people who have little experience in it. When you receive a brand new hair system and you open the box and handle it really carefully. You are very excited to put the tapes onto the hair system and find that the tapes won’t stick? What the heck? You must question the quality of the hair system. Actually it is not about the hair system, it is a step that you cannot miss when you put on a new hair system.

I tell you a story that happened to me maybe about six months ago when I got a brand new hair system and I didn't really know about how to prepare them. So I just scheduled a haircut I decided that I was going to go to a regular barber instead of a hair system specialist and I was going to have him try to cut my hair. I was going to do the installation myself and I was going to basically just let him cut the hair. I thought this is going to be easy it's basically just a basic wreath reinstall except I don't have to clean the bottom of the unit. I can just take what I'm currently wearing off, clean my scalp and put some tape on the new unit. When I did that I noticed that the tape wasn't really sticking all that well. It wasn't holding on to the hair system. I thought it was very strange. It was like the tape was coming up like it just wouldn't grab to the poly. I asked myself like what is going on here this is very strange but uh you know I've pressed it down and I managed to kind of get through it and I had the whole unit taped up and I was about to put it on my head. 

So I wear the hair system to the barber. This guy is brand new. He's never seen a hair system in his life. He's never seen me before in his life and he begins looking at it and he's like okay I think I'm ready to begin so he starts lifting my hair so that way you can cut the front and the whole hair system falls off. 

The whole hair system was not bonded correctly and was not actually sticking to my scalp and he tried to cut my hair while it was basically falling off. It did not adhere to my scalp whatsoever so what's the problem like what is the thing that happened right there and you've probably experienced something similar to this what happens is when we get a brand new hair system what generally happens is they are treated with many different chemicals and they're processed in a factory now the bottom of a hair system this is a polyurethane, of course, the bottom of the hair system generally has chemicals on it. So what you want to do and this is a very easy simple fix. It's not complicated. 

Take an adhesive removing solvent so that could be your c22 your ultra safe by pro hair labs many different types of products but you're going to take a solvent and you're going to want to spray it down or soak it if you're using lace for about five minutes and then after that, all you got to do is wash your hair system off. Wash the polyurethane and you should be good to go. Or you can use Dawn dish soap to wash the base. It also works really well.

Once you do that your hair system should adhere fantastically you shouldn't have any problems you should be ready to go and be looking great once again.


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