Why Is Lavvid’s Toupee A Little Expensive?

September 15, 2021 LaVivid News Views: 2044

People who browse Lavvidhair may confuse about the toupee’s price. Why can toupees price range from 200 to 400 dollars? Here, I will give some reasons.

Hair Quality:

In the wig market, the natural hair is called “black gold”. The reason why human hair has this nickname is that it is scarce and has tremendous demand. According to the law of value in economics, demand-supply both determine the price of hair. Specifically, at present, hair loss is a big problem around the globe. At the same time, people over the world think baldness is ugly. Above the mentioned, this increases the need for wigs.

The reason why human hair is so scarce is that the growth of hair needs much time. Based on the natural law of hair growth, the longer the hair the higher price will be. On the other hand, there is a matter of fact that male people tend not to leave their hair too long and cut the hair at a short time. This phenomenon causes that the main source of wigs comes from the female group. So the price is higher.

From the point of professionals, natural hair can divide into two main types: Bleached Virgin Remy Cuticle Hair and Chemical Processed Hair. To be specific, the meaning of bleached virgin Remy cuticle hair is that the hair still has scales. For chemical processed hair, the scales are removed by the chemical procedure. Using non-jargon to express is that the difference between the two is that your hair is whether dyed. A hair that is not dyed is bleached virgin Remy cuticle hair and vice versa.

People who love fashion usually dye or bleach hair which will further decrease the supply of high-quality hair.

100% Artisan Craftsmanship:

On the internet, you may find some very cheap Toupee. But if you compare it with wigs at Lavvidhair, you will find some differences. First, the difference is hairstyle. From the technology, the realization of wigs by machine production is possible. What people can’t deny is that mass production can standardize the product. And the machine makes every toupee looks like same. However, this doesn’t mean the hairstyle of the toupee is natural. That’s is to say, the wigs produced by machine looks like fake hair that cannot mimic the natural growth of hair. For most people who wear toupees, it is hard to accept. 

In terms of precision, taking Terra-Cotta Warriors as an example is very reasonable. Although the craftsmen want to build some similar statues, it is hard to realize because of the limitation of the technology. But, this disadvantage switches into an advantage that makes every statue unique. That’s to say, every toupee produced by different craftsmen has different features even they belong to the same category.

In addition, to match different head molds. The craftsmen of Lavvidhair will customize different molds to make wig caps. The price of mold produced by aluminum is also an item of the cost that can not ignore.


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