Why Hairpieces Or Wigs Are Popular between the Balding People?

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By the age of 40-50, more than most men start suffering from a disease called alopecia. Alopecia, also now known as male pattern baldness, is the most popularly occurring hair loss condition, specifically in men. According to research among the general population of America's united states, 75% of the entire adult male population suffers from mild to severe cases of male [pattern baldness.

The Causes Behind Male Pattern Baldness:

The most common cause of suffering from male pattern baldness is familial history or genetic traits. Researchers have stated that the hormone found in men called 'androgens' is the cause of alopecia. Along with many other purposes of androgens, it is also responsible for balancing the hair growth in the body. Male pattern baldness transferred through genetics is usually harmless and causes no harm other than hair loss. However, there might be more serious causes that should be immediately consulted with a doctor in other cases of badness, such as cancers, thyroids, hormonal imbalance, and improper use of medications. 

There are many ways that male pattern baldness can be tested. Over time scientists have developed several tests that help them diagnose the condition of hair loss and treat it accordingly. They usually take in medical and familial history to interpret whether the condition is developed or genetically transferred. For example, hair loss could be due to a fungal infection or an allergic creation. People can start suffering from male pattern baldness as young as teenagers. But statistically, the most commonly recorded occurrence of the condition is in the late 20s and then grows with time. Genetics and hierarchy play an important role in hair growth, density, and hair loss conditions. Generally speaking, the Caucasian race carries the genes of early male pattern baldness—the genetic condition of alopecia cause more effects from the maternal side of the family. 

Can Hair Loss Be Prevented?

Unfortunately, after decades and ongoing research, male pattern baldness is still not preventive. Some medicines can be prescribed and procedures that you can go through and take the best treatment for male pattern baldness. But eventually, hair loss will occur in everyone. You can only take preventive measures to delay the inevitable. Research shows that constant stress-inducing situations or mental illnesses can cause frequent hair loss. You can keep your hair healthy by taking care of your mind and your body. In stressful situations, you can re

There’s no known way to prevent male pattern baldness.

Treatments And Solutions For Hair Loss

You can only prolong the inevitable, not prevent it. At one point in life, you are going to start losing hair. It may or may not be at an early age, but it will occur nonetheless. However, this doesn't mean that you will have to walk around with a bald spot or shedding hair. There are many medical or otherwise options available that will allow you to deal with your hair loss problems.

Laser Therapy

Laser treatment is a process that helps you not only slow down the hair loss process but also, to some extent, grow back the lost hair. The laser helps reduce the inflammation in the hair follicles that prevents hair growth. It is a fairly new process and is known to only work with hereditary conditions.

Prescribed Medicine

After extensive research, there are two known prescriptions available that help with male baldness. A well-known over the counter drug is called Minoxidil (Rogaine). It is in ointment form and is prescribed to apply on the scalp twice a day.

Another medicine is taken in the form of a pill. It can only be prescribed and is known as Finasteride. Both these drugs can help you prevent hair loss but can take up to one year to show results. It may or may not end in positive results and is also not covered in medical insurance. 

The Medical Procedure of Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery is a well-known treatment for hair loss. It is an invasive surgery where the cosmetic surgeon takes hair from another part of your body and transplants it in your head. Although it seems quite feasible, this method is quite expensive and involves a lot of risk of the transplant, not latching and ending in failure. It also involves a lot of bleeding and painful treatment.

It is also risky since the hereditary traits of hair loss don't automatically go away after a transplant. The hair loss is still going to occur.

Hairpieces or Wigs

The most commonly used and the best treatment for male pattern baldness is using hair replacement systems or more commonly called wigs or toupees. The hairpieces can be made customized to your scalp. These come in various shapes, forms, or methods of usability. They allow you to style yourself in any way you want and won't cost you as much as the other options. You have a huge selection to select from, and there are no chances of risk or failure.

Hairpieces are made from both synthetic fibers and human hair. They can be easily styled and treated. There are a lot of reasons that make wigs better choices than any other invasive or costly treatments.

For first, wigs are a non-invasive way for styling your hair and dealing with hair loss. With medications or surgery, there are a lot of risks for failure or adverse effects. These treatments also cost a lot more than hairpieces.


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