Hair System Color and Density Decide Whether A Hair System Look Realistic

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To pick out a hair system, the number one thing that I've learned is choosing the right hair color for you.  Choosing the right hair color literally is like going to a salon and getting something else a bit too dark or it's a bit too light it just looks like it's off and if you're trying to make your hair look as natural as possible you need to have a color that looks very natural on you.

color ring

My biggest tip is to check what was your hair color like back in your 20s or so.  Was that a dark brown or a light blonde or a dark black whatever it is go back to that because that's your underlying natural color.

For me, I was born platinum blonde and I was blonde pretty much throughout my whole life. My hair color changed quite a bit throughout but I am still blonde. So I wanted to find a color and what I did is I looked on LaVivid’s Instagram page (LaVivid_hairreplacementsystem). I looked at other people who had different color systems and I found one which is this one right here which I said was absolutely perfect so it's an eight by ten size and which can be cut to be customized to your template around here okay and also this color is 18 which is a dark beige blonde.

hair system color

This is Eros men’s hair system and this is a full ultra thin skin base. Ultra thin means  you could see right through this down to the scalp and that's what people couldn't believe. It looks so real that's because of the of the fine base the ultra thin skin poly base and that's what makes this incredible to me. This is the most natural looking that I've experienced now.

One thing about a poly base is that it does not breathe so there is a bit more maintenance on it. If you sweat all the time and you know you're constantly active, you may want to try another option I know they do poly and lace combinations which helps to help your scalp breathe a bit but as far as the most natural-looking this in my experience this is the is the best one.

My natural color is blonde when the hair system gets washed and when it gets shampoo a bit it's gonna lighten up a little bit and look a little more natural. I believe they have like 65 colors just in this ultra thin skin base which is quite a bit and I think it gives you guys some great options.

That's pretty much it as far as the first thing that you guys need to understand when you're putting on a hair system is that you have to pick the right color again go back and find the color that was most closest to your natural color.

Second thing is about the density. You have to make sure that if you're gonna be using a hair system because they are very thick when you get the hair system.  So when you're getting the system put on you have to make sure that whoever's cutting your hair understands and is good at men's haircutting you need to find somebody who really is awesome at men's haircutting because you got to be able to work this in you got to be able to blend it in you.

hair thinning

I know a lot of people use a razor when cutting this which is cool. I necessarily don't do that until after cut the whole thing with a scissor and then I go back in and add the texturizing. That's how I cut hair normally. This is a great tip for you guys especially if you're wearing these yourself and can invest in a pair of shears and thinning shears because if you're not going to your stylist or if your stylist doesn't really do a great job.

When it comes down to the haircut that you're getting the style to match your personality and the color those are probably some of the biggest tips that I can suggest to you as far as just picking out the unit itself.

After watching this video, do you know how to choose the right hair color now?  If this sounds complicated to you, please feel free to contact and we have hair system experts standing by to answering your questions. 


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