Which One Should I Choose? Full Cap Wigs or Hair Systems?

October 17, 2021 LaVivid News Views: 2582

Many newcomers are confused about the differences between a full cap wig and a hair system, they don’t know how to choose the most suitable one for themselves. To avoid buying something that does not suit you, you have to know these issues as can be seen in the following.

What are the differences between them? In contrast to normal hair systems that cover only the top of the scalp, a full cap wig covers the whole head, including top, sides, back, temples, sideburns, and all the areas where there is supposed to be hair. Normally speaking, a full cap wig will cost more than a hair system because it covers more areas of your head. The price not only depends on hair materials but also on base size and base materials. 

So who might need a full cap wig? If you are completely bald or maybe going through Alopecia areata, Cicatricial Alopecia, or Hypotrichosis. It should also be considered if you have circular or patchy bald spots on the scalp, and you have found it hard to use a standard 8’’x10’’ hair system to cover the bald areas. A full cap wig is the best option to consider if you are exhibiting one of these conditions. Some people who suffered from baldness get used to shaving their heads out for various kinds of reasons. Once they want to change themselves and start to browse wigs and hair systems, they might not sure which one to choose. Here is the advice. If you are just bald on the top area of your head, and your hair on the back and side is still healthy and keeping grows, you can stop shaving them, let them grow back a bit, so it can blend in naturally with your hair systems. If your hair on the back and side also suffered from baldness, then a full cap wig would be perfect for you. 

For those who do not get used to shaving their head and are just bald on the top, hair systems can definitely meet their needs. As long as you choose the right density, color, texture, etc., your hair system will perfectly blend in with your own hair and give you a supernatural looking. The base size normally comes in 8*10 inches and customers can cut the base into any size with no problems. If your bald area is bigger than that, we also provide custom service

Anyway, whatever full cap wigs or hair systems, they both can provide you with a natural-looking and bring your confidence back. You can choose any one of them according to your needs and baldness situation. 


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