The Tendency of Hair Colors in 2020

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Hair color trends 2020 have gained a lot of recognition among many people around the world as it enables them to achieve a unique look. This is because there are so many new and exciting colors which are waiting for you to try them. Through the various colors which are available in the market, you can change the look of your hair to suit your personality or any occasion that you wish to attend. Many of the hair color trends in 2020 are very rich and also filled with a lot of vibrancy.

Some of the best hair color trends in 2020 are:

Two-toned hair

Two-toned hair

This kind of hair color is expected to be half and half. However, it’s not a must that you color your hair in that way. All that you can do in this case is to concentrate a dose of contrasting color in one area, for instance, a fringe. Through that way, you can create a look that is amazing without any struggle.

Platinum blonde that has purple roots

This hair color can offer you the best eye-catching look. It usually has platinum locks and rich purpose roots. If your hair is growing then it can be the best way you can cover it.

Texture paint hair

Since many people are embracing their natural textures, the freehand highlights have again started to trend this 2020. In this case, instead of using the traditional foil idea, you can use a lightening agent in painting through your curls. This assists in enhancing the coiled shadows and shapes thus adding an instant dimension.

blond hair

Blonde roast hair

In case you are a woman or girl who is hoping to tone down your hair then adding blonde roast can be the best way. This new color trend combines shades of darker brown and shades of lighter blonde.

Chilli chocolate hair

Currently red and ginger are the trending colors, however, chili chocolate hair can be the best for you especially if you are nervous in going a full way. This hair color trend is made up of deep chocolate brown and auburn hue. This can enable you to get an illusion of the sun-kissed hair such that it looks natural. This color looks like an extremely expensive hand-crafted chocolate bar which is only pulled out during special occasions.

Rich red velvet

This kind of red color is vibrant and deep, with its boldness being able to draw attention from far. If your hairstylist can apply the right undertone, this color can enhance your skin tone and eyes.

Buttercream blonde

If you conduct your research you will find that gourmet trends continue to be strong with one of the best trends being a buttercream blonde. This color trend is soft, smooth and has a combination of cool tones such those of vanilla and ivory, whipped together.

Brown balayage

This kind of hair trend is not very new however, it continues to be the best choice especially for individuals who wish to have freehand highlights. In 2020 you should expect many people to apply brown color into their hair, especially the one which as chocolate ribbons or chestnut. This can be the best hair color for individuals who wish to have some brightness for the spring season. Although this look is sun-kissed it’s not beachy.


This is also another hair color trend that you can try in 2020. This hair color combines baby lights and balayage in creating a beautiful golden result especially on a long lock of hair. It’s able to glow and add dimension without looking too obvious or doing too much styling. Another advantage of this kind of hair color is that you will experience less grow outs of hair. This means you will minimize the idea of visiting a salon frequently.

The above are just a few hair trends that you can expect in 2020. If you wish to know about other hair color trends then you can visit our site, Once you access it you can look at the trending colors and choose the ones which you prefer. With the variety of hair colors that we offer we are certain that you cannot miss one which you like. Many people have already visited our site and left satisfied, it’s also high time that you do so.


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