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July 31, 2023 Hair Replacement for Men Views: 517

Hello, everyone! I'm excited to share some valuable insights with you today about maintaining and caring for your hair system. I'd like to introduce Adam, a passionate individual who runs the YouTube channel Hair System DIY. Adam himself is a Lavivid hair system wearer, currently rocking a stylish custom full French lace in color seven. Together, let's delve into the signs that indicate when it's time to remove and clean your hair system.

One of the first things Adam notices when his hair system needs attention is an increase in itchiness. This itchiness arises as his natural bio hair starts to grow underneath the system, causing friction and discomfort. As the bio hair continues to grow, the itchiness becomes more prominent and bothersome. When it reaches a point where it really starts to bother him, Adam knows it's time to give his system a break and a thorough cleaning.

Another sign to keep an eye out for is the presence of lifts in the system. After wearing his current hair system for about a week, Adam can feel a few lifts at the back and sides. These lifts occur gradually over time due to factors like sweating and everyday activities that can weaken the bond between the hairpiece and the scalp. The tape used to secure the system can become mushy, and the glue may loosen, especially at the front where slight lifts tend to be more noticeable. For those with an exposed hairline, it's particularly important to pay attention to any lifts that might appear since others may also observe them.

Time is an essential consideration when it comes to wearing a hair system. Adam strongly advises against wearing a system for more than two weeks without removing it, giving it a thorough cleaning, and performing a rebond if necessary. Beyond this timeframe, maintaining proper hygiene becomes increasingly important. Our skin encounters various microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, and fungi, on a daily basis. Therefore, it's crucial to clean the scalp regularly to prevent the buildup of these potentially harmful elements. By sticking to a routine and cleaning every two weeks, you can keep your scalp healthy and avoid any skin irritations or infections.

To summarize, if you find that your head is becoming increasingly itchy, notice lifts in your system, or it has been more than two weeks since your last removal and cleaning, it's time to give serious thought to removing your system, giving it a thorough clean, and then reapplying it. As Adam has noticed lifts after a week of wear, he decides to demonstrate the removal process for us. He recommends using any lace removal spray, such as C22, but cautions against getting it in your eyes. Adam demonstrates by applying the spray directly to the lace and gently rubbing it in, allowing the lace release to work its magic. As a result, the system starts to loosen effortlessly. It's essential to avoid pulling off the system without using a lace release product, and Adam suggests using options like C22 for a smoother removal process. He carefully shows how to remove the system using the spray and advises being cautious about keeping it away from the eyes. If the tape has adhered to the scalp, it can make the removal quicker and easier. Adam concludes the video by mentioning that he will remove the remaining tape at his own pace and hopes that viewers found the demonstration helpful.

Remember, maintaining your hair system is crucial for prolonging its lifespan and ensuring a comfortable and confident experience. By paying attention to these signs and following the recommended cleaning routine, you'll be able to enjoy the full benefits of your Lavivd hair system. If you have any questions or need further guidance, feel free to reach out. Wishing you all a fantastic hair system journey!


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