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2020 hair color trends are the best way for you to start this year as they will enable you to feel excited and better as you try something different. The hair colors which are trending this year are classic, very simple and have very few bold ideas, therefore they will assist you to feel fresh. The hair colors illustrated below can assist you especially when you do not want a complete change of your hair.

Pastel hair color

In case you wish to have a bold image, then pastel hair color can be the best option for you. This kind of hair trend has been around for many years and many people continue going for it. This is because many of them either go for a gradient look or dying the ends of their hair using pastel. This year you can go an extra mile by leaving only the roots or dying all your hair with pastel.

Chocolate brown hair color

This is one of the classic hair colors which can enable you to look extremely beautiful especially when exposed to sunlight. The best thing about it is that it can be applied to all skin tones. It can also be the safest option for all individuals who are scared to apply for a hair color which is too bold.

Mushroom brown

It’s a neutral color that has a smokey grey brown tint. For you to apply it, you are supposed to start with a neutral brown color and then add subtle shades of gray and brown colors.

Cinnamon brown

In case you wish to add some excitement to your hair without going fully brown, then you can try using a cinnamon. Cinnamon brown is a medium brunette shade that has a red undertone. This enables it to add warmth to any hairstyle due to its dimension and depth. With this versatile shade you can easily lean more towards red or tone browner, depending on the kind of look that you wish to achieve. This kind of hair color usually works for all types of skin tones.

Orchard red

This year red is expected to gain popularity among many people all over the world. Orchard red has both auburn and copper tones which can enrich your overall hair appearance. In case you have natural hair, you can achieve this color through a single application. However, if you had previously applied another color, you will require a balayage and a base color to achieve an amazing look. With this color you must be prepared to consistent upkeep since it fades easily.

Sand storm

This is a milltone blond which is best for women or young girls who may wish to have some lightness. The main reason for applying this hair color is to add some brightness around the face to offer an illusion that you have lighter hair. You can try to balayage the tip and foil the hairline so that you can create maximum dimension without a lot of maintenance.

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Honey blonde shades

This kind of hair color can also be the best since it's is neither too blonde nor exactly brown. In case you wish to apply a hair color which is in between brown and blonde, then this can be the best solution for you. The good thing about this kind of brown color is that it will add dimension and keep your hair look warm.

Chunky golden highlights

In case you have thick hair, then you can apply the chunky golden highlights so that you can get a fuller look.

Pink hair color

One of the major strategies you can undertake this year for you to have a colorful hair is to ensure that you look harmonious. When you apply a pink color, your hair roots will look beautiful. You will also have a soft transition between bright pink lengths and deep brown roots.

The guide above can offer you an idea of the hair colors which are trending this year. You can try to search our site ( so that you can learn more about the 2020 hair color trends. You can also know other hair trends that are not highlighted above. The good thing about these hair trends is that they are meant to enable you to look better this year. Therefore, you should not take chances in searching through our site for the hair colors which can suit your needs and preferences.


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