What Need to Pay Attention When Buying A Men's Frontal Hairpiece

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Men's frontal hairpiece offers a great solution to fighting the balding front. Since it stays at the forefront of your scalp, you want it to be highest-quality possible to ensure your hairline looks natural and appealing. Here is what you have to pay special attention to when choosing a male frontal toupee.

1. Natural hair

While synthetic front pieces are also present on the market, and they may be even more tempting to buy given their low price, choosing a human hairpiece is much better. You want your front toupee to blend as naturally as possible with the rest of your hair. You want the seams to be invisible and the texture to be identical to your hair. You don't want the different texture of the synthetic piece to stand out and make people see that there is something artificial on your head that blends awfully with the rest of the hair. That's why you are better off buying a human hair toupee. It's a bit more pricey, but it ensures better results. 

Besides its seamless blend and authentic look, it also moves more naturally and freely than fake hair. The fibers are tied individually into the base which makes them remarkably flexible and easy-going. It allows you to style your hair in many ways without betraying your toupee. You can part your hair on the side or backwards and be sure that your new hairstyle will not disappear in half an hour after you made it, as it may happen with synthetic hair that can't stand styling. 


2. Weak strands

While being at the forefront, men's frontal hairpiece experiences the most hand traffic and pulling power. That is, when you want to comb the hair backward or want to make your hair into a bun, you create tension on your hairline strands. If the fibers are tied poorly to the base or are not deep enough to resist pulling, they may break. In this way, you either have to replace your pieces often or give up on your bun, frequent brushing and playing around with your hair. If you don't want to replace the toupee over and over because its hair pulls out easily, you have to look for a frontal piece with strong and reliably-tied shafts. 

Ask the store assistant what pressure the hair strands can resist and whether they are ok with daily brushing or styling. Also, a good sign that the hair is strong and pull-resistant is the high price of the frontal hairpiece. It means the manufacturer used quality materials and advanced sewing technology to keep the hair shafts firmly in place.     

3. Damaged edges

The front position forces the frontal piece to be flawless in all aspects. Any little defect will get instantly visible and will spoil your look. If you buy from a physical store, inspect the hairpiece thoroughly for defects. You especially want to check the edges, which form the hairline, and you wouldn't want them to be torn or damaged. Excessive shiny edges are also not welcome, since they may contrast with the forehead skin, which doesn't shine, and create an anesthetic look betraying the presence of a foreign object on the head.   

4. Color

Not coinciding with the color of your existing hair is probably the worst thing that can happen with a men's frontal hairpiece. We shouldn't forget that a front toupee is a piece of hair that is added to the rest of the hair. Getting a color that differs from the color of your hair is the worst nightmare because it will look incredibly ugly and embarrassing. That's why take your time to search for a toupee that corresponds ideally to the tone of your hair. 

Before heading to the beauty store, cut a sample of your hair to compare it with the toupee colors available. In this way, you make sure you will get exactly what you need.   

Bottom line

There are many risks related to wearing a men's frontal hairpiece, such as non-corresponding color and weak strands. You have to be careful and vigilant when choosing a front piece to ensure it's made of human hair, its edges are not damaged, its shafts are firm and resistant and its color blends identically with your natural hair. 


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