What Essentials Need to Remember When Choosing The Best Men's Hair Dye Colors?

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Choosing the right color palette for men's hair dye colors can make or break one’s image. Hair is one of the most important parts of beauty. It has the power to change the face shape and add more structure and definition. Men invest a lot of time in their hairstyles just as women do. However, not all men are sure about their hair and often find it difficult to create a particular style. Just as the style of men’s hair can add volumes to their personality, choosing the right color can go a long way in shaping their looks.

A lot of men struggle to find the right color when it comes to dyeing their hair. Also, the internet is filled with informative posts about women’s dyes and not much is available for men. Fear not as we have got your covered. Read on to find out more about the best men’s hair dye trends and colors of 2020.

Benefits of hair dyes for men

Men's Hair Dye Colors

Let’s face it. Most men begin to experience greying of hair as early as their mid 30’s. Gray hair can occur due to a lot of factors like diet, lifestyle, hormonal changes in the body and most certainly age. Grey hair can be a huge cosmetic concern for most men as it signifies old age. This is where hair dyes step in. Hair dyes not only mask the color of your hair and make grey hair turn black but has a host of other benefits to it also. This is one of the reasons more men are opting to dye and experiment with popular men’s hair dye colors.

Hair dye for men can make thinning hair look thick and lustrous. It can help cover bald patches and make the impression of having a fuller head of hair. Wigs also come in useful for men who are nearing the balding stage. Our Helios hair system for balding men makes it possible for a full head of hair which looks absolutely natural.

Certain colors can also be mixed and matched to create a definite and unique style that suits their personality overall. Different colors also successfully mask thinning areas for a more voluminous appearance. Thus, men's hair dyes are certainly a boon for men who are willing to invest in their looks and create a sharper image for themselves.

Important tips for men’s hair dyeing

However, hair dyes can actually be dangerous if used in the wrong way. Hair dyes often contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde which can make existing hair thinner and eventually it starts falling off. Also, not every men’s dye color goes with someone’s hair. It is necessary to take the advice of one’s barber when choosing the right color and brand.

When it comes to choosing the best men's hair dye colors, there are a lot of terms which one needs to get familiar with like highlights, lowlights, tints, etc. Also, a lot needs to be taken into account like the skin tone of the person, the type of hair and its natural color, personal style and much more. Hairstylist Marie Robinson suggests that men should not obsess with finding the best shade. What works for women pretty much does the same job for men.

If the whole hair has started turning gray, it might be necessary for a global hair color where the entire hair is dyed. If parts of the hair have started turning grey, it is advised to first dye the gray hair with the natural shade the man has and then experiment with men's hair dye colors. Tints are aimed towards men who want to address a specific problem like thinning or receding hairline.

Highlights and lowlights add color to your existing style for creating a more defined and streamlined look. It is important to consider one’s skin color when choosing the right men's hair dye colors. A dark face will look unaesthetic with bright colors while a wheaty complexion can be ruined with lighter colors. It is necessary to always consult one’s stylist and get a patch test done before attempting to dye the whole section of hair.

men's hair

Men’s hair dye in a nutshell

Dyes can be both temporary and permanent depending on the choice of the user. Men who are not yet fully committed to a different color can opt to try out temporary dyes at first. One should not be afraid to experiment with different colors in order to find the right shade. It is also easier to go with darker colors than lighter ones. Watch out for irritants in the dye and harmful cheap brands. Most dyes last for 5 months and might need retouching thereafter. Always seek medical advice if any irritation occurs after application.


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