The Factors Influence Mens Glue on Hair Piece Price

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You may be interested in knowing the mens glue on hair piece price, if you intend to secure your wig with liquid adhesive. There are two leading glues on the market that you will have to choose from. Each of them has upsides and drawbacks and is designed to meet specific needs. Read on to know each product closer and get an estimated price. 

1. Acrylic glue

Acrylic glue is the all-time leader on the wig installation market. It prides itself on a long-lasting hold, so it's the best option for people who opt for permanent wear. Because its bond is incredibly strong, you may need to apply a bond release agent to weaken the glue adherence and loosen the hair system. That's why, oftentimes investing in an acrylic glue inevitably comes along with investing in a bond release too, without which you may have trouble handling the adhesive. Hence, the cost of securing a wig with acrylic glue may go higher than the glue's actual cost. 


Acrylic glue is the most affordable adhesive on the market. The average acrylic mens glue on hair piece price is $12, but it can differ from one store to another. As it was said above, you would also have to buy a bond release along with the glue to ensure you can remove the hair piece effortlessly and without hurting the scalp. Moreover, if your scalp is a heavy sweater, you may want to buy also a scalp protector to build a barrier between the adhesive and the sweat and oils produced by your scalp. 

You may go without it, but the interaction between glue and moisture weakens the bond and severely cuts from the bond time. This makes you reapply the wig at shorter intervals, which implies much hassle and distracts you from important daily activities. With that said, it becomes more than obvious that investing in a scalp protector is a smart decision to be taken by every wig wearer with a sweaty scalp. 

Now if we were to estimate the total cost of using an acrylic glue for your wig application, it would go around $33.   Considering the long hold and scalp safety you get, you can no doubt go for such an investment. 

2. Water-based glue

Another option you can try, especially if your scalp is sweaty, is a glue-based on a water formula. Such an adhesive is more expensive than the acrylic-based formula, making you pay around $37. It may seem too painful for your wallet, but it saves you from the necessity of buying additional products. For example, you don't need to buy a scalp protector, because the glue is waterproof. It means that even if your scalp is sweaty, it will not affect the adhesive bond. 

Whether you are a heavy runner or swimmer, the wig will not start to detach, no matter how much you expose it to moisture. You will also be able to shower with the wig on, which also adds to your daily convenience and comfort. If speaking about bond release, you may need it in case you need an emergency wig removal, as the bond provided by the water-based glue is pretty durable. You don't want to force the wig off the scalp, as it can injure the scalp. That's why a bond release should always find its honorable place in the wig maintenance kit. 

Another good thing about water-based glue is that it is extremely gentle on the skin due to its low concentration of chemicals. So you may want to choose this adhesive if you struggle with a sensitive scalp. Your scalp will also acquire resistance to bacteria, which minimizes the risk of infections and other skin issues. 


To sum up, mens glue on hair piece price differs as you have to choose from two types of adhesive and there may arise the necessity to buy additional products to improve the performance of the glue. The acrylic glue is cheaper than the water-based glue, but it entails buying a scalp protector to prevent the contact of sweat and adhesive, as acrylic glue doesn't tolerate moisture. You may also want to purchase a bond release to remove the wig at ease and prevent pain and scalp injury. 


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