The Guide of Ultra-Hold Lace Glue

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The ultra-hold lace glue by Walker Tape does exactly what it says it does. It provides a secure fit with a long-lasting look for 2-4 weeks. The lace glue you choose for your wig/frontal is understandably important as it affects your final look and the placement of the wig. In this article, I will outline the basics of lace glue in terms of instruction, use & application. As always, maintenance and protection are also key to making a wig install last longer. Typically, wig glues are not as long-lasting as this one by Walker Tape. Along with this, it is skin-friendly and waterproof, and is definitely worth the buy.

This glue is widely known in hair/beauty circles for how long it lasts before needing any re-application. It can last for 3-6 weeks, and you will be able to do things like showering or swimming just as you would with your natural hair. The ultra-hold lace glue is known for the flexibility and eases it provides you with. These properties make it a need to know the product which is a valuable buy, especially if you are looking for long-term lace glue. 

The secret of the glue’s capabilities is that it has an acrylic base rather than a silicone base, which is usually more common in wig glues. Having an acrylic base means that it dries clear, guarantees easy removal, and is not as difficult to clean up. Along with having all these properties, the glue also guarantees a long-term stay, which is usually a very sought-after quality by long-term wig wearers.

Preparing to install wig

Before using the ultra-hold lace glue and installing the wig, make sure that your hair is tied back appropriately, untangled, and moisturized, especially if you aim to keep the wig on for a longer amount of time. To protect your hair and make sure that the wig goes on evenly without any trouble, wear a wig cap which should cover your hairline so that any glue applied will not touch your real hair under any circumstances. You do not need to wear a wig cap, but if you are a beginner, it will make the whole process easier for you.

Walker Tape Ultra Hold Brush On Adhesive is fully waterproof and comes in a bottle with an easy to use brush applicator.

Applying the glue

Apply the ultra-hold lace glue as neatly as possible near the edge of your wig cap/hairline. Make sure it is even on all sides, the key is to not use too much yet enough to ensure a stronghold. After a few tries, you will have mastered the application.

Do not apply the adhesive directly on the lace portion of the wig, place the glue on the skin area mentioned. 

You can also apply the glue directly to the scalp although this is typically recommended for professionals with hair training. This is because your scalp will need to be prepped beforehand with 99% Alcohol and Max Hold Sport. If you decide to do this, apply the ultra-hold glue to the scalp with a brush applicator, then blow dry until the glue is relatively dry. Repeat this application, and then install the lace wig system.

Let the glue sit for 3-6 mins before placing on the lace wig system. To place on the wig, you can put the front portion on first before positioning it to go over the rest of the head, including the back. 

Hold the wig down firmly until it is stable and fixed appropriately.

To remove the glue, use C22 Solvent and Lace Release. When removing the glue, make sure to take the time to clean it properly so that you can take off the wig without damaging your hair. If you struggle to do this by yourself, please do get someone to help you. After taking the time to remove the glue, make sure to shampoo and condition your hair right away to remove any build-up of adhesive and skin cells. Make sure to focus on the scalp area while doing so, it may even be worthwhile investing in a scalp brush.

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