How to Find the As Affordable As Possible Hair Replacement Solution for Beginners?

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When you think about a hair system as your hair loss solution, there is a lot of homework you have to do to find them as affordable as possible hair replacement solutions. Luckily for you, I am giving you the most affordable solution after concluding the hair experiences of our customers.

Here is an email we receive the other day and inspires me to write this blog because I assume a lot of people are seeking this solution right now. They want to save money as much as possible especially in the current situation of our world.

I am totally new to hair systems and I have no idea how to go about picking the right one for me.

Growing up as a kid, I easily spotted toupees as it was very obvious who was wearing one. I swore I would never wear one and would shave my head instead.

I recently saw youtube videos that showed how far hair systems have come and it totally changed my mind.

I am of Chinese descent with a fairly large head and face. Wanted to know which system would suit my face and lifestyle the best.

I was wondering if I should go with the customization route or a stock system would be fine. I prefer something that isn't too dense in hair as it's a dead giveaway that the hair is fake. I spend some time in humid areas and wondered if my hair system would fall off because of the environment.

If you were in my shoes what kinds of steps would you take to make this journey as affordable as possible? I spoke with a few places and they all want 1000 upfront and 300 monthly service fees which I think will stretch me thin.

Assuming I’ll try to everything myself if possible is there a way for you guys to help me eliminate the middle man? They would charge me 180 shaping fee and 90 per maintenance visit. I would prefer to spend most of my money on the hairpiece and supplies as well as 30 dollar hair cuts to help reduce my overall cost.

Here is what I responded and you can take this as a reference if you are a hair system beginner wearer:


Thank you for your email. 

I am so glad you like our youtube videos. With a correct and professional installation and fitting, a hair system can look just like your own hair. A hair system is not like the old toupee. New techniques have developed and each part of a hair system has been upgraded and this is why it can look natural and undetectable. 

Is your hair color black? Do you mind sending me a few pictures of your head and hair? So I will check the color and the size and shape of your hair thinning area. 

I would recommend you start with a stock hair system first, however, let's see whether we have one that suits you in stock first. If not, we can then consider a custom made one.

With correct bonding, your hair system will never fall off even when you work out hard or spend a long time in humid areas.

For a person who wears a hair system for the first time, it is extremely hard for you to do all the things by yourself. Not to mention that there is a learning curve for all hair system wearers when they just start to wear a hair system. This learning curve can be as short as a few weeks and can be as long as a few months.

During the learning curve, you need to find out the best working base, the best working glue or tape, the care and maintenance routine, all of which require you to take experiments to find out.

Back to the hair system, it comes in a default length, so you need to go to a local hairstylist to get the haircut and blended with your own hair. At least this is necessary for your very first hair system installation. A professional haircut is very important because the hairstylist can make the hair system look great on you and you will feel confident to go on with this journey. When you get more and more experienced in wearing a hair system, you can choose our pre-cut service and this will save you the money visiting salons.

To make this journey as affordable as possible, here is what I suggest:

1. Buy a stock hair system first to see how it works and get a general idea of what you need to do to apply, remove and care for the hair system. A stock hair system is cheaper and can be acquired very quickly. If a stock hair system is not available, considering the hair shortage worldwide, go with a custom order instead.

2. Learn as much as you can about how to care and maintain the hair system.

Our youtube channel has many tutorial videos and you can find a lot of other channels talking about the hair system on youtube.

3. When you receive the hair system, take the hair system to a local salon to get it installed and blended.

4. Wear the hair system and learn how to take care of it 

5. When you order your second hair system and you feel pretty confident that you can apply the hair system yourself, order the pre-cut service ($40) (base cut to your size and hair cut to the hairstyle you want) with it, and then you can wear it out of box. From then on, you can get rid of salon services.

Please let me know if you want to talk about the customization details.

Thanks very much.


This is a very typical case that people are looking for as affordable as possible solution. Installing a hair system and caring for it daily is really a thing that you can do yourself after learning and practice.

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