The Introduce of the Hollywood Lace Toupee

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Hollywood lace toupee is offered by Hollywoodlace. You may have heard about the company or you have little idea about it. It supplies toupees and other hair products for people bothering about hair loss. Read the article and you will know more about the company including its history and merchandise. It may be a good option when you wanna buy hair products.

Overall introduction

Hollywood lace is founded by a group of toupee wearers. They are not satisfied with those low-quality toupees and lack of customer service. Therefore, those people decided to open a business on their own by investing to be a hair toupee manufacturer so that the product quality, customer services, delivery, and cost can all be managed by themselves. 

To provide premium quality hair toupees at a fast speed to clients, Hollywood lace prioritizes their customers when delivering emergency stock hairpieces. The company members will always be ready to give professional advice on hair products of their customers dedicated to consistently high-quality hairpieces. 

Hollywood lace promises to deliver products in a careful manner which will well protect your personal information. They will inform you of the delivery date so that you can better arrange your timetable. If you want to know about the company, you can visit their website or make a phone call to the number 954-505-7000. 

The hair products of Hollywood lace

The products of the company are divided into stock hairpieces, custom hairpieces, duplicate hairpieces, and full cap hairpieces. We will introduce these products one by one as follows, so you can have a general understanding of the company’s hair products. 

·Stock hairpieces

The stock hairpieces include hairpieces, toupees, and a hair system. Pictures of the structure of these hairpieces are shown on the official websites including Invisible Thin Skin, Hollywood Lace unit, and Hollywood Lace Front all at the price of $399. On each picture, the rating of the products hairline, top appearance, adhesion, and durability are given. 

The base size is 10 inches in length and 7 1/2 inches in width. There are light and medium density can choose from. The main hair type is the finest Indian hair. 

·Custom hairpieces

Custom hairpieces can meet your specific demands by making use of the best attributes, matching your hair color, density, and other features, and giving a natural look. There are Super Silk w/ Side & Back Poly, the Invisible Medium Skin Hair System, French Lace Hair System, and other hair systems available all costing $399. 

·Duplicate hairpieces

Duplicate hairpieces are further classified into duplicate hair systems, copy toupee, and replicate hairpieces. Hollywood lace toupee can duplicate any hair system with the same or even better quality compared to the current one. They promise an under 30 days delivery time. 

You can give them the hair system you are using at present through four paths. First, you directly send the hair system to them and they will return it when you need it or return it with the new one. This is also the best way for duplication. 

Second, fill in an online form, telling them the details of your hair system such as length, color, and material. Third, contact the staff by making a phone call. You can describe your hair product and tell them your requirements through communication. Fourth, send an e-mail to them with the specifications attached.

·Full cap hairpieces

The hair systems, toupees, and men's hairpieces under this category are offered by a team led by Rosa Deus. Rosas secrets of making a perfect hair system cut in are shared here. 

Apart from these reliable hair products, toupee tape and other accessories can also be found. A hair toupee repair service is also available. If you only want to add hair, the cost starts from $99. If you want to fix it, the cost goes up from $89. Adding hair, fixing, conditioning, and full-refurbishment cost increases from $119. 

You can also read some blogs on the website. Some tips are teaching you how to care for hair toupee and how to test the quality of hairpieces. 


All in all, after reading this article, if you are interested in the products and services this online store provide, you can have a try. We believe the Hollywood lace toupee will not let you down.


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