How Does A Wedding Hair Vine Look Like?

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wedding hair vine is a lengthy, exquisite twisted wire that is decorated with pearls, crystal, and some other magnificent accessory. It is fixed in place with the help of pins, and the bride wears it on her wedding day to make her look more beautiful. The bridal hair vines are put on like a splendid and for attraction to the bridegroom. They make the bride conspicuous, especially at the headpiece. They can be used together with other bridal accessories such as hairpins, wedding hair combs, and veils to accomplish a variety of gorgeous looks to the bride during the wedding.

How to Wear a Wedding Hair Vine

All bridal head vines are flexible hair accessories for the bride, and they work excellently with numerous selections of wedding hairstyle. When they are used with other accessories, there comes a variety of beautiful looks that can suit any individual style for everyone who wishes to be a bride. There are different favorite types and ways of putting your wedding hair vine on the D-day. Below is the list:

A Bridal Vine Ahead of the Trends

You can have your hair vine just as a headband. There is an option of putting it on your hair either up or down. However, here you have to combine with very little practicality with exquisite detail. By trying a bridal vine of pearl and silver crystal usually 'Avery,’ you can easily have an ideal appearance for traditional brides.

A Hair Vine for Bohemian Beauty

Would you like to add a Bohemian touch to your beauty on your wedding day? Then wear your delicate head vine across the forehead to maintain your elegance and stylish touch at the finishing point. You can use 'Fayre,’ a gold wedding vine for the bride.

Use a Bridal Vine of Great Length

This style is used when the hair is worn out, and they are long. They can be incorporated and teamed with long beachy waves. Their fixing involves laying them back with shimmer inclusive and intricate detailing. The most appropriate vine for this style is 'Lily’ because it has silver floral, which is also flexible. However, it is good to take extra care as you try to wear the vine using this style to ensure it is appropriately secured.

Wear a Wedding Hair Vine to Crown Glory

The royal weddings performed nowadays do not hand over any inspiration to the future brides. Be the first to inspire them by channeling your inner queen and look regal. This can be achieved by wearing your bridal vine in a style that resembles a crown. 'Myra’ is a gold pearl hair vine that is extra-long and contributes to a perfect look during the wedding day. A very popular style.

Beautiful Braids Head Vine

A beautiful braid gives an ultimate romantic hairstyle. The bride vines look extra amazing when they are worn in a manner of intertwining in the braids. 'Ivy’ is the most common and fitting vine in this style. It works in a delicate braided twist like a gold plated wire with a freshwater pearl. This combination gives a sparkling and fairytale elementary to look at your red-letter day.

A-Side Way Wedding Hair Vine

This style of fixing the bridal vine involves placing it at the side of the head next to either ear, though the left side is best. 'Grace’ is a bridal vine that resembles silver floral vine, and it gives the undermentioned glamour accompanied by a feeling of vintage.

Classic Style of the Brides Hair Vine

'Jaime' is a medium length wedding hair vine that rests over a chignon or a bun to give an impressive look to the bride. It is just like a silver floral hair vine. It makes the bride look exquisitely chicky and sophisticated. It is positioned at the backside of the head. When used together with a wedding veil, it looks gorgeous.

The Goddess style of the Bride Vine

An ethereal gold hair vine is matched with a soft and lofty dress having an asymmetric shoulder to give an excellent look on the wedding day. Delicate enameled flowers can be added to the bridal vine. Also, the gilded leafy pattern can be added for a touch of a Grecian Goddess style.


As illustrated above, there are distinct types and modes of putting the bridal vine. There is also a variety of them, and each fashion has its technique of wearing that makes a pretty look. Choosing the type of hair vine to wear during the great occasion depends on the bride's taste. But, if you feel confused about the kind and the style of putting the bridal vine, you should seek for advice because some hair vines will make you look more beautiful while others may not be fit for you. However, all wedding hair vines are meant to make you more attractive during your wedding day. Therefore, if you have a bridal vine on your hair, be sure that you are beautiful, conspicuous, charming, and above all, you look Wow! If you have any new ideas please comment bellow.


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