What is the Fashionable Toupee Hat and How to Use It?

October 09, 2020 Hair Replacement for Men Views: 2333

Toupee hat is a stylish headwear that is used by both people struggling with hair loss and people with healthy hair. If you never heard about it before, check out our list of facts and answers to the most common questions related to this item.

What is a toupee hat?

This kind of headwear consists of a baseball cap that has a bunch of hair on top. The hair may be of any color, including combinations of two colors. It's always up to you which color to choose. Typically, the hair is made of synthetic fiber, which looks natural and appealing.

What is a toupe hat for?

Generally, such hats are worn during recreational activities, such as baseball, running. golf and others. It is made more as a fashion accessory that comes to compliment your outfit and make you look stylish. You can also wear it on a picnic day, a barbeque party or shopping.

Does it help to fight hair loss?

Though containing the term "toupee" in its name, this piece of garment is not quite used to treat hair loss. It has little in common with a wig and other professional hair systems that are made to provide a long-term solution to hair loss. First of all, it is impossible to wear this hat permanently. It is designed only for outside activities, being hard, and weird, to wear it all day at home.

Moreover, it is made for entertainment and leisure activities. You can't do serious stuff while wearing this fancy cap, such as going to work and participating in business meetings. On top of that, the cap doesn't use long-lasting adherence means, such as glues and tapes for application. So, if you suffer from hair loss, this hat could help cover your baldness only when practicing sports and doing leisure activities. You can replace your wig with this cap when going outside for a walk or when jogging.

Does it fall off?

Well, you can secure the toupee using the adjustable strap at the back. Just loosen the strap, put the cap on the head and start adjusting until you get the right feel and fit.

Who can wear it?

Since the cap is more a fashion piece than a hair system, everybody may feel free wearing it. Whether your hair is healthy or you struggle with hair fall, you can put it on your head anytime making it a stylish element of your outfit. This fancy cap is also a perfect choice for people who want to try a new hairstyle or change their hair color for a day. Just place a cap with a brown toupee on top of your blonde hair and enjoy your new hairstyle.

It takes seconds and you don't need to spend hours at a hairstyler. Just a little thing to remember: if the colors of your natural hair and toupee hair differ much, you need to apply a wig cap to cover your hair and prevent it from being visible when wearing the toupee.

Also, this cap has a visor for sun protection that protects your face skin from sunlight and heat. Depending on how big the sun is in your area, you can choose the length of the visor that suits your needs.

How does toupee hat feel?

If looking at more reviews, people think differently about the feel of this cap. Some love it for its soft touch that is absolutely skin-friendly and doesn't cause irritations. There are some people who praise the visor for providing good protection against the sun. There are also customers who are not really satisfied with how the cap feels.

They talk about feeling hot while wearing the hat. The thick layer of toupee hair makes things hot under the headwear. It is expected to feel especially hot when you have much of your own hair on the scalp. The bunch of synthetic hair on top of it will make things really hot. So while offering protection against the sun, the cap may not be a good idea for wearing it in scorching hot weather.

After all, it's up to you whether or not you are going to buy this toupee hat. While not being a good solution for hair loss, the cap is a wonderful piece of garment that adds style and taste to your outfit. 


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