What Should You Know about Hair Bun Extension?

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Hair bun extensions can add style to any outfit. They look good on virtually anyone. These extensions can add volume (or length) to any hairstyle. They are perfect for anyone looking for a way to breathe new life into their look without any serious commitment. They can be incorporated seamlessly into any style or aesthetic. Before investing in a bun extension of your very own, there are a few key things you should understand.

How Are Extensions Attached?

Hair extensions can be attached to the scalp in a multitude of ways, and hair bun extensions are no exception. Some extensions are connected to the head using hair system tape. Other types of extensions are clipped in. Clip-in extensions can be removed and reattached easily, but need to be put in daily. Clip-ins are more beneficial for people looking to add length to their mane. Tape is the longer-lasting option, as it can last longer than 6 weeks with proper care. Tape is a fantastic option for people looking to regain volume and thickness. You can attach clip-ins at home with ease, but you may want to enlist in the help of a trusted hairdresser when using tape. You'll likely only have to book an appointment once every 6 weeks.

When Can I Use a Bun Extension?

Any person can use a hair bun extensions. Women can use this type of extension for special occasion hairstyles, like prom or weddings. Women with short hair can use bun extensions to give the impression of longer, thicker hair. Men can also wear bun extensions. One of the most popular hairstyles of recent years has been the "man bun". Longer hair has certainly come into vogue for men, but not all men can achieve this look with their natural hair alone. A bun extension can be a substitute that successfully mimics the natural hair. Bun extensions are usually clip-ins, meaning that they are low maintenance and commitment free. This means that they are the perfect opportunity to experiment with extensions and personal style.

How Long Will My Extensions Last?

The longevity of your extensions relies completely on what method of attachment used, as well as how well you care for them. If using the tape-method mentioned above, you will be able to reuse your extensions multiple times without having to order a new one. If you clean them properly, you can keep the strands of hair looking healthy for longer. If using the tape in method, you can increase the amount of time you can wear your extensions by not using heavy oils or conditioners on your scalp. These could cause slippage and prevent your piece from adhering to your head properly. Generally, the higher quality your hairpiece is, the longer it will last. Don’t buy poor quality hair extensions just because they are cheap.

What Kind of Bun Extensions Are There?

Bun extensions exist for every hair type. Whether your hair is naturally curly, wavy, or bone-straight, there are options for everyone. Extensions also vary widely in color. They are available in everything from the lightest blonde to the darkest jet black, as well as seemingly every other color on the spectrum. There are also many different styling options. Some are built to depict messy, lived-in looking buns. Others are built to replicate sleek, ballerina-like styles. Some are spiky and edgy. There are also a plethora of options in between. No matter what style you are looking for, there is a bun extension option that will suit you and your natural hair color and texture.

How Do I Care for a Bun Extension?

If you want to keep your hair bun extensions in great condition for years to come, you'll be delighted to know that upkeep is relatively simple. First, ensure that there are no tangles in the hair. After that, wash the extensions with warm water, then massage them with a gentle shampoo. For extra protection and shine, finish with conditioner then rinse gently with cold water to lock in hydration. Let the extensions air-dry on a towel, do not use a hairdryer. Regular upkeep will allow you to wear your extensions for many years to come. Store your hair extensions in a safe place that maintains a comfortable temperature and where the strands are not likely to tangle.

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