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June 17, 2020 Hair Replacement for Men Views: 2040

Hair color ideas 2020 bring some outdated trends back, which we will gladly embrace. In the last few years, we have worn a lot of trends, from bangs, balayage techniques to ombre hairstyles.

Whether you’re sticking to a reliable balayage (because it’s a nice, practical, and simple look) or you intend to make some hair color changes this year, experts agree on one thing: your color should always look healthy.

Here are the most expected hair color ideas 2020:


Selena Gomez was among the first to wear such a hairstyle. It is a color combination of ombre highlights and babylights (super-fine highlights using foil). It is a very subtle and natural look, but at the same time gives the hair volume and texture, that looks best on brunettes with golden undertones.

2000s Two-Tone hair color

Dupa Lipa recently brought the hair color that was a big hit in early 2000. This color is intended for those looking for a bolder change. It is achieved by dying the lower part of the hair brown, while the upper part is reserved shade of blonde. This look was once worn by Christina Aguilera, and stylists say that this look is perfect for adventurers who are not afraid to try bold styles.

Orchard Red - a shade between red and brown

If you’re thinking about switching to red, but haven’t decided on that move yet, this shade might be a good solution. It is located on the edge of brown and red, and the color changes depending on the lighting. It is easy to carry but still looks special and different.

Chunky highlights

They marked the beginning of the 2000s and are now returning. It did not take long for this trend to win over many famous ladies and fashion enthusiasts. They look equally good on shorter and longer hair, as well as on wavy, straight, or completely curly hair.

blond hair

Buttery Blonde

With this shade of blonde, the roots are cooler, while the top of the hair is warmer. This coloring technique is becoming increasingly popular among women because it is easier to maintain, and still looks very effective and creates a voluminous effect on the hair.

Rooted Greige

Rooted Greige

Colorists are announcing this trend as one of the biggest among hair color ideas 2020, which will not only continue but will develop even more throughout the year. These highlights are easy to maintain, and the key is to combine warm, neutral tones with ashy shades in the highlights. The big advantage is that color suits different skin types.

Milk chocolate color

The amazing milky shade will climb on the beauty throne of the most popular colors of the year 2020. It is a completely natural shade of brown that will look fresh on every face. Professional colorists advise darker tones at the root, and lighter towards the tips because such an arrangement of hair shades will always provide the desired volume.

Rooted beige

The fight against hair growth is one of the longest-running fights, but this year we could give it up. Namely, world hair color experts claim that blonde hair looks best when combined with the balayage technique, using the root-smudging technique, the tinting goes from darker brown at the root to lighter shades of brown, and finally blonde.

Red glare

In the past year, we have witnessed the trend of bright red hair color several times, but 2020 brings us its more subtle shades, which hairdressing experts call Orchard Red. It is a shade that has a red tinge, and it subtly mixes tones of golden copper with a pink undertone. This shade can fit perfectly into the balayage technique as it will add richness and brilliance to any basic color shade.

Honey blonde

If you are looking for the perfect blonde shade that has more yellow than silver, cool tones, then honey blonde is a color that will delight you. This hair color is reminiscent of sunny strands that appear in summer. Hairdressing experts say that the key to achieving this shade lies in the base. You should find the perfect shade - everyone who has a slightly darker root should lighten it for shade because this will achieve the gorgeous hair dimension, highlight the strands, and get a soft, finishing layer.

So, there are quite a few hair color ideas 2020 brings. It is a challenge to choose the best one!


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