What Causes Women’s Thinning Hair?

October 31, 2021 LaVivid News Views: 1940

A lot of women are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair nowadays. So what causes women’s thinning hair? Read on to find out. 

The so-called female hair loss is not a general term for hair loss suffered by all women but specifically refers to women by the male hormone-derived hair loss, postpartum hair loss, and endocrine disorder hair loss three types of community-based hair loss, while the general female baldness and teenage hair removal, etc. are not included. Female hair loss is closely related to the secretion of hormones in the body, so women's hair loss is also a gradual trend, but pregnancy and menopause will accelerate, and the hair loss cycle is strong, by hormone secretion and external factors are also relatively large. Therefore, in order to grasp the cause of hair loss in women, it is necessary to have a deeper understanding of women's physiological characteristics and secretion characteristics of sex hormones.

Nutritional disorders

Hair growth and development are closely related to protein, vitamins and minerals. When too much fat is consumed, it can also affect hair growth and even cause hair loss.

Endocrine disorders

Hair growth is closely related to endocrine, such as thyroxine deficiency, which can lead to hair loss.

Overuse of the brain

People who use the brain too much, so that the head blood is mainly concentrated in the brain, so that the scalp blood relatively reduced, in the long run, will be due to hair undernutrition and cause hair loss.

Chronic diseases

Such as head, scalp eczema, anemia, etc. can lead to hair loss.

Contraceptive use

Doctors said that the pill contains a lot of estrogen and progesterone, so many women believe that taking certain birth control pills can make hair more black dense, I do not know, after women stop taking, often lead to hair loss, the main reason is not taking vitamins at the same time, by taking vitamins can prevent women from losing hair.

Computers are used for a long time

For those who work in computer work, due to long-term computer, high concentration of mind, resulting in hair secretion disorders, hair follicles blockage, lack of hair nutrition supply, and ultimately lead to hair loss, so it is recommended that female friends do not long-term to the computer, to prevent hair loss.

Lose weight diet too much

With the advent of "weight loss fever", many women also face hair loss. According to a Japanese statistic, the proportion of young women between the ages of 20 and 32 who have hair loss is about a third. For women who lose weight, regular vegetarianism, such as vegetables, fruits and flour, makes protein and trace elements insufficient and nutritionally unbalanced, leading to so-called female hair loss.

The diet is not right

This diet can directly or indirectly affect hair health. Many women like spicy, high-fat food, so it is easy to make sebum secretion exuberant, leading to hair follicles blockage, and some women like to eat sweets, which will make bacteria multiply faster, long-term maintenance of this diet, hair will naturally fall off. 

Fat seborrheic hair loss

Fatty baldness, also known as male baldness, has been described earlier. Male hair loss is not uncommon in women, where the incidence of working women is often higher than that of domestic women. For professional women, due to competitive occupational pressure (mental stress and physical pressure, etc.), resulting in an increase in male hormones in the body, the scalp sebum gland secretes too much fat, for the follicles to provide the nutrition of capillaries constriction, resulting in hair follicle metabolism inhibited, resulting in hair atrophy, smaller, shorter growth and a series of changes, resulting in lipospheric hair loss. Menopausal women have a disorder of hormone balance, with the gradual cessation of ovarian function, hormone balance temporarily changed to more male hormones. Hair follicles are affected by male stimulants, which can cause hair loss similar to male baldness. Short menopause, due to rapid changes in hormone levels, hair loss occurred faster and obvious, menopause longer because of slow changes in hormone levels, the process of hair loss is also slower. Women's seborrheic hair loss, generally later than men's, slow development, symptoms are light. The main performance is thinning hair, especially at the top of the head, sometimes as a slow-growing diffuse hair loss, while the high top is less. The sebum glands secrete more fat, which can be seen as the increase in dandruff. Hair becomes soft, hair is dry and thin, etc.


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