The Introduce of the Possible Male Hair Loss Solution

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As we know, every male is facing hair loss problems these days. Sometimes it becomes difficult to deal with this serious issue. Men even think that their personality will lose charm if they get bald. They will not get their woman of dreams, and they will be rejected on many occasions because they are no longer handsome. Even if such thoughts come into their minds, they can still get rid of these intrusive thoughts but first, let's see the causes of men's hair loss?

Causes of Hair Loss:

If we talk about the possible causes of hair loss, then a number of things can be taken into account, such as:

· Nutritional Deficiencies- If our body lacks some most important vitamins, it means this factor will affect some parts of the body, which is why your hair also faces trouble.

· Thyroid issues- Men who face thyroid issues due to the deficiency of thyroid hormone can also see changes in their hair growth. Apart from the hair loss issue, symptoms such as weight loss or weight gain can also be noticed, along with changes in the heartbeat.

· Stress- It is that factor that can disrupt any phase of your life, including your body. You can experience hair loss issues because of office stress or any other type of stress that is definitely not good for your health.

· Alopecia Areata- A medical condition like alopecia areata can also lead to baldness as hair loss patches can be visibly seen if a person is suffering from this autoimmune disease.

· Genetics- It can also be a reason due to which you can face hair loss issue. If your father or mother has faced a hair loss issue, you will be more likely to be suffering from this same issue.

 But there are some male hair loss solutions through which males can prevent their hair from falling. These solutions include:

•Prescription and OTC drugs:

Two drugs can be a male hair loss solution. They are:

1)Minoxidil ( Rogaine): Males have to apply this twice on their scalp to grow hair and prevent hair loss.

2)Finasteride: It is a pill that you can take on a daily basis. The prescription of your doctor only takes it.

Both of these drugs are the best male hair loss solution.

•Hair Transplant: A hair transplant is also a solution for male hair loss. There are two procedures of Hair transplant for males.

1)Follicular unit transplantation (FUT):  It is a very classic method. In this process, the skin is removed from the back of the scalp, where the hair is abundant. Follicles from that strip are removed and then reinserted into the hair follicles to the part males suffer hair loss.

2) Follicular unit extraction (FUE): In this process, hair follicles are removed directly from the scalp and transplanted to the scalp's bald areas.

Hair transplants can be very expensive and painful. It is considered surgery.

3) Laser treatment:

Laser treatment has also proved to be the solution to hair loss. Laser treatment is thought to reduce inflammation in follicles. It keeps them from regrowing.

4) Quit smoking: Men are so fond of smoking, and none of them know that it is the major cause of hair loss, too, as it is very dangerous for the lungs. Research has found that there's a link between smoking and hair loss. And males should quit smoking to prevent hair loss.

5) Scalp Massage: Scalp Massage gives a wonderful feel to males, and they love Scalp Massage, but Scalp Massage results in thicker hair at the end of the study.

6) Balanced diet: A healthy diet is very beneficial for male hair solutions. One should add a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains to your diet. Leafy green vegetables, flax seeds, egg yolk, are included in a healthy diet.

Drinking a lot of water is also very helpful for hair loss.

7) Get a Medical treatment: Aside from suffering genetic problems, some medical problems can result in hair loss. Some of the medical problems that cause hair loss are diabetes, lupus, sarcoidosis, thyroid conditions, eating disorders, hair-pulling disorder& Celiac diseases.

8) Reduce stress: Stress can cause many problems in the body, including hair loss too.

. To reduce stress and prevent hair loss, one must do regular exercise, do yoga, and meditate.

9) Good Sleep: Getting enough sleep is also very important and helpful for preventing hair loss.  Sleeping on routine and from time to time prevents hair loss.

10) Oils: Some studies have found that oils can help with hair growth. Males avoid oiling their scalp, due to which they suffer hair loss. 

What to ask your doctor?

If you got questions regarding the hair loss issue which you want to ask from your doctor, then you can ask the following questions:

· Is there a need to change my balanced diet to deal with my hair loss issue?

· Which restrictions do I have to follow?

· Which websites are recommended for taking guidance?

· What type of tests do I have to get done?

· What generic alternative related to the medicine are you going to prescribe me?

· Is the hair fall loss issue going to last for a longer period? Am I going to get rid of it soon?  

· Which type of texture will appear when hair will come back?


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