How to Choose the Best Suitable Black Hair Pieces?

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Who is a hairpiece designed for?

Whether we speak about black hairpieces, blonde wigs or curly hair extensions, all of them serve the same purpose. A hairpiece has the role of covering areas on the scalp that are affected by hair loss or hair thinning. Given that there are some types of hair loss, hairpieces are also different. A crown toupee is designed for people whose crown part of the scalp is bald. Another hairpiece that deals with spot baldness is the frontal piece, which is a small bunch of hair attached at the front of the hairline affected by hair fall.

Toppers are made for partial head coverage, being aimed at fighting baldness in a targeted area. Toppers can be almost the size of wigs, but the main difference is that they blend with the existing hair, while wigs are applied on completely bald scalps.

Things to pay attention to when buying black hairpieces

If there is an urgent need for a hairpiece, don't rush to buy it at random. You risk having big trouble if you choose the wrong one. Here are some things you need to take into consideration when choosing a hair system:

1. Do I need it for short-term use or long-term use?

You have to know for sure what do you buy the hair system for. If you intend to wear it from time to time, on special occasions, you have to go with a wig that removes and applies quickly. The best choice would be a hairpiece with a lace base. The reason why lace is easy to remove and attach is its compatibility with liner tapes. The bond provided by this type of adhesive lasts less than the one provided by glue. The bond becomes less strong in about one week and even faster.

This is why it would be reasonable for you to buy a lace hairpiece for short-term use. On the other hand, if you look for black hairpieces for extended use, you would be better off choosing a hair system with a skin or silk base. These bases are applied using glue, which allows for an ultra-strong bond that is vulnerable neither to oily scalp nor to humid and hot weather that makes the scalp sweat.

However, liquid adhesives are more difficult to remove and apply. The removal involves often residues left on the base that needs to be scrubbed off for avoiding a weaker bond at the next application. Speaking of application, it is tedious and takes quite a while, because you have to apply several layers of glue while having also to wait for each layer to dry.

2. Is styling important for me?

If you are the one that likes to change the hairstyle every day, you are recommended to choose a wig whose fibers are made of natural human hair. Human hair fiber is versatile when it comes to styling, allowing you to play with your hair the way you want. At the same time, if you don't have time on styling each morning, you can buy a synthetic fiber hair system.

The hairstyle encoded in the fibers never changes. Even when you wash the wig, the fibers bounce back to their factory shape. At the same, you will never have the chance to change your hairstyle if some day such a desire appears.

3. How much exposure to sunlight and heat will the hairpiece have to undergo?

You can choose synthetic fiber only if you live in an area with little sunlight. Exaggerated exposure to sunlight and heat makes the synthetic fiber discolor and lose shape. The best choice, in this case, would be a natural hair fiber that is less sensitive to extreme weather events, as well as to excess use of straighteners and curlers that also work with heat.

Where to buy a high-quality black hairpiece?

One of the most popular suppliers of hair systems on the market is Lavivid. They offer a large diversity of wigs, including black hairpieces that look natural and have an extended lifespan. Don't hesitate to throw a glance at this page [] to choose what fits your style and personality best.


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