How to Choose the Best Hair Piece Accessories?

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Today there are many hair piece accessories on the market, however on the Lavivid website, you can find the best hair products and accessories. It should be noted that all hair products and accessories are important for good scalp maintenance, especially if you suffer from hair loss.

If you suffer from baldness it is very important that you buy hair piece accessories, there are several products that can help you a lot. Below is a great list of some hair piece accessories.

1. Toupee Glue Walker Great Whit - Water Base

This is an excellent hair accessory, and it is also very important. It should be noted that this accessory is water-based, and works for all types of hair systems.

The ingredients of this hair accessory are purified water and different hydrophilic (latex-free) acrylic copolymer resins.

It is very important that you keep in mind that the first 24 hours when you use this accessory, you should avoid getting your hair wet.

2. Men's Hair System Color Ring

Another very important accessory, on the Lavivid website you can get this incredible accessory at an excellent price.

It should be noted that a color ring is an effective way to match the color of anyone's hair. It is also one of the easiest accessories to use.

If you offer hair system services, it is very important that you have this accessory. You should also remember that this accessory is available in 63 exclusive shades.

3. Fine Tooth Styling Comb

Believe it or not, this is an ideal accessory for your hair, this product is exclusively designed to accommodate the hair, that is to say, to separate each hair and avoid tangling.

This type of product is especially used to separate the hair, comb and color the hair effectively.

4. Bristles Comb for Men's Hair System

This type of hair accessory is also important because this product is specifically designed to style any type of hair or wig. Also, if your goal is to keep your hair system or scalp totally healthy, this type of product will help you.

How does this product work? The bristles of this comb gently massage the scalp and help stimulate blood flow to your scalp and hair.

5. Leave-in conditioner

This type of leave-in conditioner is an excellent hair accessory. And the main reason is that it is essential for dry and dehydrated hair.

In addition, the leave-in conditioner also helps to detangle the hair and make the hair look much healthier. Keep in mind that you don't need to rinse off the leave-in conditioner.

6. Walker Just Rite Positioning Spray

This hair accessory is very important for the preparation of the scalp before applying the toupee on the head.

Please note that this hair spray is also useful for preventing damage to your scalp.

7. Ultra Hold Toupee Tape in Roll

Believe it or not, this is the most durable, flexible and sticky tape Lavivid offers. Without a doubt, it is the best tape.

The coating of this ribbon is white, but the ribbon is actually transparent and not visible to the naked eye. And this hair accessory also has an extremely opaque finish.

Ultra Hold has the ability to stay strong for over 5 weeks and has a urethane backing that is extra elastic. So it's very comfortable to wear.

8. Scalp Protector

If you wear a wig, toupee or other similar accessories, it is extremely necessary that you purchase a scalp protector. The scalp protector forms a protective barrier between the skin and the tape or glue.

The goal is to prevent irritation and the health of the scalp from deteriorating. There is also a thick scalp protector, you should consider which of the two hair piece accessories is ideal for you.

9. C22 Solvent Toupee Adhesive Remover

This is one of the best accessories to remove the glue from your scalp, this product is made from citrus oil. This remover is ideal because it acts quickly and is not harmful to the scalp. 

C22 is used specifically after the bump is removed, and also to clean up the tape or liquid adhesive residue. It is important to note that this product works for all types of hair system bases, including lace, leather, polyester or monofilament. 


All these hair accessories are ideal for people suffering from hair loss or baldness. In addition, these hair piece accessories and products are certainly beneficial to the health of the hair.

So it is important for all of us to have hair accessories, the goal is to keep the scalp in optimal condition.


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