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People who are fond of American series always do remember their favorite heroes and favorite characters no matter how old might be the series. Just as that there is an American actor who is loved for a character in the specific series. The name of the series is “ShowTime”. Yes, I’m talking about Robbie Pratt played by nick gehlfuss.

Nick gehlfuss. Is very famous among the youngsters and people follow him too for his dressing and his hairdressing. People have noticed some changes in the hair of the nick gehlfuss. And people now wanted to know whether he starts wearing a wig or still managing his hair while doing the projects.

In this article, we will let you know about nick gehlfuss and will give you his hair details also.

Nick gehlfuss.

Nick gehlfuss was born on the 21st of January 1985. His full name is Nicholas Alan gehlfuss. He was born in Cleveland’ Ohio and was raised in Little Italy and Chester land in Ohio. He’s 37 years old now, and he’s been active in the Hollywood industry for quite long years. He was born to Sandra Gehlfuss and Alan Gehlfuss. Few roles shine most brightly in his active acting career like his character called Robbie Pratt. It was a recurring role that he played in the fourth season of the show called “ShowTime”. It was a comedy-drama shameless.

He did his bachelor's in fine arts from the College of Marietta College, and then he did his master's in Fine arts from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

He got married in the year 2016 on the 13th of May. His spouse is a hotel marketer. Her name is Lillian Matsuda. She is working as a hotel marketer and is currently associated as the special project manager at the hotel group called Viceroy Hotel Group.

He started working in the year 2007. His most prominent work was in the comedy-drama series ShowTime, shameless. He played the role named Robert Pratt in the fourth season of the previously mentioned series. In the short-lived horror film drama by NBC in 2015 named “Constantine” in the episode “Angel and Minister of Grace” Nick did a guest appearance as his character of Dr. Thomas Galen. In the same year, he was cast by NBC in the medical drama called Chicago, Med, he played the character named Dr. Willhalstead. Halstead is a character that was first introduced in the drama Chicago P. D and after that in the series Chicago Fire the backdoor pilot of Chicago Med.

Here is the list of some drama/series he has worked in so far:

  • • In Lieu of flowers
  • • Love and mercy
  • • Equity
  • • Sam steels and the junior detective agency
  • • Butterfly in the typewriter
  • • The good wife
  • • army wives
  • • The wingman
  • • Blue bloods
  • • Person of interest
  • • The glades
  • • Rizzoli and isles
  • • The newsroom
  • • Shameless
  • • Royal Pains
  • • Clementine
  • • Longmire
  • • Murder in the first
  • • Constantine
  • • It’s always sunny in the Philadelphia
  • • Power
  • • The mystery of matter: search for the element
  • • Chicago P.D 
  • • Chicago fire
  • • Chicago Med

He most probably is working in NBC’s famous show “Chicago Med” as the main lead character. The fun fact that he once mentioned was that it was the hardest to learn to play the role of a Doctor.

He has a very secretive and mysterious personality. He does not like to share a lot of his plans before once they are done. The most prominent example is how he got married to his girlfriend very secretly without making it to the news until he revealed it himself. To add more to your surprise his castmates were not aware of his marriage either. He also likes a healthy lifestyle, and he managed his physique without hitting the gym ever. He has a firm belief that your body is your instrument, so it is your utmost duty to keep it in the best shape. He does it with healthy eating habits and going cycling. He knows how to be alone as he did not have many friends growing up. He was outgoing as a person, and he loved interacting with new people, but he did not make many friends in his childhood. He is grateful anyway that this characteristic of his personality allowed him to learn a lot from people which only proved beneficial for his acting career.

He is very hardworking and does not consider any work as too bad for him. He surely knows how to earn. Even when he was on waiting lists struggling as an actor he took his guitar and played it to earn some penny. He was guaranteed to earn for his daily meal even when he was a struggling actor this quality of his shows how determined and responsible he is.

Did nick gehlfuss wear a toupee?

It has been suspected that do nick also wears a hairpiece as his hair didn’t look as good as it used o at the start of his career. Actors do need to change their hair colours and hairstyles more than any normal person, so they are more susceptible to hair damage and then hair loss, but it is not confirmed news whether he wears a hairpiece. But he did mention once that he misses his old hair that looked better than they do now. You can make your mind by looking at that statement at least one thing is confirmed his hairs are not doing very well. But due to only this statement, we cannot firmly say that he is wearing a hair toupee. This will not be a fair statement to pass.


Nick gehlfuss is an American actor; he is being in the industry from 2007 to the present. He played the role of Robert Pratt in shameless series, and he is the main cast of NBC’s drama Chicago Med. He is very secretive yet friendly and likes to meet new people as he thinks he could learn a lot from people, and it helps him in his career. He has been suspected that he might wear a hairpiece as his hair looks kind of different in recent pictures, but it is still not confirmed news whether he wears a toupee.

We can just assume by looking or observing at his hairdressing whether he is wearing a hair toupee or not, but confirmed news about it is still not unfold.


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