How to Make A Decision between Toupee and Hair System?

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What does toupee vs. hair system mean? Does it mean they mean two different things? Or are they one and the same? Some people use the two words interchangeably. Are they wrong to do so? Not really. It's perfectly alright to swap the two terms. But technically, the two terms are different. And here in this article, you'll learn the difference between the two. There are also other terms you need to know about. You'll know about them in this article as well. If you're planning to buy a toupee, then it's important that you understand the differences among these terms. This article will help clear the confusion. 

When you visit an online toupee store, you'll most likely encounter different terms and some of them will be new to your ears. The problem is, most of these sites expect that visitors to already know the difference among the terms. And then most people are embarrassed to ask a question. So the confusion remains. And this has led some to even start a toupee vs. hair system debate. Some people really believe that the two are completely different. But now it's time to end the confusion. So if you ever thought about toupee vs. wig or toupee vs. hairpiece, then this article is for you. 

If you're a first-time toupee buyer, then you really should take time to learn about the differences between a toupee, hair system, and a wig. This can help you to choose the right hairpiece for you. It's confusing enough that there are so many buyers and dealers of hairpieces. So you can be clear about the different terminologies then it's already a big step. 

What is a hair system? 

So what is meant by the term hair system? The term hair system is actually a general term that is used to describe all hair replacement systems. And these include toupees and wigs. This is a relatively new term being used by hairpiece manufacturers and dealers. The term was coined so people can get a better understanding of the many hairpieces available. What people should know is that hairpieces have evolved greatly in recent years. It's now more accurate to call them hair systems because they are complete systems meant to help people suffering from hair loss. They are composed of different parts that include the base, the hair, and the tape or glue used to attach the toupee to the scalp. It's a total solution meant to serve as an alternative to more invasive hair loss solutions such as surgery. 

Hairpieces nowadays are technologically-advanced. The toupees today are miles away from the toupees of old. Hair systems today are completely undetectable. They are made with high-quality materials and are designed to mimic the appearance and behavior of real live human hair. So the invention of the word hair system is also meant to reflect the technologically-advancement achieved by toupees being sold today. 

What is a toupee? 

A toupee is a specific type of hair system. It is usually a small hairpiece that is meant to cover a part of the head where there is a lack or absence of hair. People suffering from male pattern baldness usually lose hair on top of their heads. They don't usually lose all of their hair completely. So they only need a hairpiece to cover the part that is bald. And this is where a toupee comes in. A toupee is designed for a specific reason and that reason is to cover a bald spot. If you're suffering from hair loss and you're looking for a hairpiece, then you should get a toupee. 

What is a wig? 

To complete the discussion on toupee vs. hair system, it's also important to discuss what a wig is. A wig is the oldest type of hairpiece. It has been around since ancient times. Unlike the toupee, the wig is used to cover the whole head. It's not only used to solve hair loss. It can also be used by people who want to change their hair without changing their hairstyle. This is why wearing a wig is very popular among celebrities. And wigs are not only for men. They are for women too and can be worn as a form of fashion item.


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