Why The Messy Bun So Popular?

May 13, 2020 Hair Replacement for Men Views: 2350

Messy buns - the messy bun hair pieces - have long since been a go-to hairstyle for both men and women. Why you ask? Messy buns are practical, professional, and work with almost all hair types.

1) The Messy Bun is Practical:

The Messy bun is a fast up-do which saves you time for the important things. Work, family, chores, clients, etc. keep life moving at a fast pace. The fact is that you need to look professional and put-together in many of these situations, and you may just not have the time to spend thirty minutes curling your hair. No matter your situation, the Messy Bun will surely save you time in the morning. You don't have to sacrifice a professional look for the many demands on your shoulders.

As my professional career has advanced over the years, I've realized that this hairstyle is not limited to women! I frequently see men pull off the bun. And to be frank, it looks fantastic. Especially for the men that care for their long hair, the messy bun can be the exact look that they have been wanting. It's often a breath of fresh air to get all your hair out of your face and not have to worry about the bun falling out throughout the day. This hairstyle is timeless and gender neutral; again it's because it is so practical! It solves everyone's dilemma of how to get ready quickly in the morning and yet pull off the professional look.

2) The Messy Bun is Professional:

What do I mean when I say this look is professional? Doesn't this hairstyle normally go along with sweats and Netflix? While yes, the Messy Bun piece is perfect for a day at home, it comes in many forms. Hair up and out of the face sends a direct message; you don't like hair in your way let alone any other obstacle holding you back from accomplishing the task at hand. The Messy Bun with a little bit of hair spray will last the full day and you won't have to worry about freshening up every other second.

3) Messy Buns work with All Hair Types

As I mentioned above, this hairstyle works great with all hair types, for both men and women. People with thick hard-to-tame hair, are probably questioning whether this style will actually work for you. But guess what! It will. Put it to the test. Brush your hair out, throw it up, make sure you have good hair accessories, and wait the rest of the day. Doesn't it feel great to have your hair up and out of your face? To be honest, all other hairstyles are jealous because you can rock the messy bun with less effort, i.e., you don't have to try to get the extra volume. You may find better results doing this style while your hair is wet and allowing it to dry throughout the day.

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For people with a medium hair thickness level, this will also be a go-to style for you. The key to throwing your hair up in the morning is to make sure that you have brushed it all out and that your hair is even. Once the bun is in place, style it how you like it! Some people like more volume; some people like less. If you want to add volume to your bun, use bobby-pins and hair spray to style and separate the clumped together pieces of your hair. Once you get this down to a system, the process shouldn't take you longer than five minutes, tops. The efficiency is really very high.

And now for our dear friends with thin hair. This style is for you too! Don't single yourself out because you can rock this style with just as much confidence as our neighbors. The key is to lightly spray your hair with hair spray before starting. Afterward, brush through your hair. If you still don't feel like you will have sufficient volume, go through a tease your hair evenly. Once the hairpiece or hair tie has been put into place, make sure you go through and fluff up the bun by pulling random pieces out and evening the shape. This shouldn't take you longer than ten minutes.

And there you have it! The Messy Bun is beloved by all because it solves a major problem: getting ready in the morning with limited time. This hairstyle works great for all types of hair, is professional, and will forever be practical!


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