Where to Find the Men's Wig Store?

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The non-surgical hair loss solution, i.e., Hair Replacement or Hair wigs, is the most convenient and easy way to solve all your Hair related issues without going through a ton of trouble. Hair wigs are non-invasive, smart, and more doable alternatives to hair transplants, artificial hair regeneration, micro-grafts, or medicines containing chemicals. So, you see, these hair wigs are reversible. You can rock them for months, or you can remove and put them on at your convenience. Amazing right? Now we do not expect everyone who is going through baldness to start wearing it. Everyone has their preferences, but if you are someone who would love to revisit their good hair days and have significant, meaningful events to attend then days and have big, meaningful events to attend, then believe us, you cannot have a better option available.

Mostly for men, their Hair abandons them, never to return, as they reach the age of thirties and forties. For some males, that happens even before they hit the 30s. While their Hair is slowly disappointing them, small shifts occur in the way they look at themselves. Low self-esteem, low confidence, and in some cases, not even liking themselves enough to go out and have fun. The effect of hair loss can be so significant that someone who loved to be social and used to be the king of the parties would sit at home and wait for holidays to end so he wouldn't have to meet people.  But then one day, his hair comes back. He feels so much better about himself and loves the way he looks. Once again, he is back himself, and he is enjoying every bit of it. If you wonder what that miraculous thing was that got him back his Hair, the answer is simple, Men's Wigs. Now, if the solution is so simple, why do so many men have to suffer the same anxiety that comes with baldness and visit a men's wig store to end the problem at once? The answer is the stigma related to men wearing wigs. Which has been going on for quite some time, and Lavivid Hair strictly believes that it's about time we bring this Stereotypical thinking to an end.

For decades, wigs have existed.  They are flexible, easy-to-use, and versatile capabilities enable us to carry it for a temporary period, or it can even be a part of everyday life. These men's wigs are so real that they can easily trick everyone around you into thinking it's your natural hair.  Recently, young men have shared images and videos on social media websites, such as Instagram and Twitter, in their latest wigs, adding "# ILoveWigs" in the caption. To normalize the wig-wearing culture and cancel the stigmas build around men wearing wigs.

So, How did the stigma even start?

Traditionally, the Ancient Greeks started wearing wigs. Egyptians wore wigs to signify an individual's rank, social position, or national importance. The Greeks, Romans, Assyrians, and the Phoenicians were other ancient civilizations whose people wore wigs.

Surprise surprise! It was men who started wearing wigs in the first place later; it was stopped as wigs were started being a symbol of being fake, old, and boring. People began taking wigs as a grandma's accessory, and the question, "Is that your real hair?" started getting more common. People started getting more and more conscious of their likings towards wigs. Lastly, even when they began opting for wigs, they wanted it to remain a secret as it would be embarrassing for people if they get joked about or point out for their insecurity.

However, the argument here is, those who are vehemently opposed to wearing wigs need to think about it. The same critics who look their best, crown their teeth and shave their beards. If it was believed that bald people look better, would have been plucking off their decent looking Hair to appear somewhat more up to the mark. But that is not the case now. No one wants to do that. Instead, they want a head full of hair, and sometimes men go through extremes to have that. Why stop yourself from getting the Hair you wish to have because of the fear of judgemental stares from half headed people? It does not make sense. If you want a head full of hair, visit a Men's wig store fearlessly and get yourself a wig that complements you and your entire personality because you deserve to live your life the way you want to.


While some men enjoy the empowering properties of wigs as a way of expressing themselves, others turn to them to help increase their self-esteem in their fight with their hair loss.  Lavivid Hair would love to have more men freely accepting their wigs and hair systems, regardless of the mainstream stigmatized reasons, because they have nothing to be embarrassed by, and we are beyond sick of the shame attached to wigs. Wigs are for anyone who wants to change their hairstyle, cover their bald spots, slay at a party or a festival. They are for anyone who would feel better having them on, and for anyone who still to this date and time thinks that men should not wear wigs doesn't need to be taken seriously. So Lavivid encourages you to go ahead and put your favorite wig on and kill it! 

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