The Best Natural Treatments for Hair Loss And Why You Should Opt for Hair Systems Instead

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Alopecia or Male pattern hair loss could be temporary or permanent. It can result due to heredity, hormones, medical conditions, or simply due to aging. It is important to know that the main cause of baldness is hereditary hair loss with aging, and this reasoning is observed in most cases. Balding is more common in men. Half of the men over 50 experience alopecia.

Hair loss can have a psychological impact on the suffering of men. Since hair occupies a greater role in the determination of self-image and social perceptions, the men experiencing alopecia may think that they lose an important part of their attractiveness. They may undergo negative effects on social life, depression, and fear of being bald. Men are in a great number in overly competitive areas of business, technology, and consultation. If young males experience hair loss, it could take a toll on their confidence and self-esteem.

To counter any worse condition as elucidated above, we seek the following 6 best natural treatment for men’s hair loss for countering hair loss:

Onion Juice

Onions contain sulfur, which spurs blood circulation and supports collagen growth. Sulfur also has anti-bacterial properties due to which scalp infections are inhibited if onion juice is applied to hair. The applying procedure of onion juice is also quite convenient. Take some onions, make their juice, apply gently on your hair, wait for just 15 minutes, then rinse using any shampoo of choice. You will observe results in a matter of days.

Aloe vera

If you are sick of hair loss and are irritated when hair comes in your hair while washing or combing, the perfect natural remedy is here. Aloe vera is among the best home remedies for curing alopecia. Aloe vera works in a way that catalyzes soothing and calming of the damaged scalp, and due to this, replenishment and flourishment of hair cells happen. Sebum is a disadvantageous oil that is cleaned up using aloe vera. This oil is not good for hair as it causes follicle clogging and prevents hair from growing back. To enjoy these benefits, just pluck an aloe vera leaf, spoon out the gel and apply it straight away. A good-quality aloe vera shampoo could get you the benefits too.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is an essential oil. If you have a flaky scalp, dandruff, or infections, rosemary oil is the solution. It is important to know that these factors lead to hair loss. Rosemary oil can act as a potential stimulant to inhibit male pattern hair loss if applied regularly. 

Coconut Milk

Coconut is a fruit best known as a moisturizer. This is the reason why so many shampoos and beauty products are coconut-based. Considering hair loss, it is caused by dryness because dryness leads to a damaged scalp. If you want healthy hair follicles and want to reverse the scalp damage, you must massage coconut milk into your hair roots and let it sit for 10 minutes every day.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Dryness and clogged hair follicles are the prime causes of hair loss. Hair loss or potentially baldness can occur when hair follicles become blocked and deprived of necessary oils. This blockage could be unblocked using a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. The benefit of apple cider vinegar is that it promotes regrowth of hair and unclogging of pores.


An egg hair mask may seem unappealing, but this is an effective natural hair loss remedy. Eggs have high levels of protein, and hair is made up of Keratin protein. So, any hair damage could be reversed using an egg mask. To make it, mix an egg and a tablespoon of olive oil in a bowl, apply the mixture to your damp here, leave for at least ten minutes. Once it gets soaked by the hair, rinse and wash using a moisturizer.

Natural Treatments are Temporary

Natural treatments to hair loss seem to be quite effective, but they are not cost-effective. Apart from the expensive disadvantage of natural cures, their frequency is a big issue too. You need to apply the above stated natural elements quite often if you want to see the results or extend their life of the results. Due to these disadvantages, we come to know that hair replacement systems or toupees are the most cost-effective and useful method of countering hair loss.

Why Hair Replacement Systems Are the Final Solution?

Hair replacement systems or hairpieces or wigs or toupees are the best solutions to male pattern hair loss or alopecia. You can have realistic hair as no one could differentiate between your original hair and the hairpiece. The toupees are amazingly comfortable as well as extremely easy and convenient to wear for you. There are fixable glue hairpieces and easily fixable silicon hairpieces also which do not require glue for wearing. One can use any of the methods based on preferences. You just need to select the color and style of the wig, buy it and wear it.

Considering all other methods for countering hair loss, such as hair transplant, laser therapy, or the natural treatments that we discussed above, require a lot of money, time, and care. At the same time, toupees or hair replacement systems will hide your baldness for a relatively much lower cost. Another merit of hairpieces is the diversity of color and style.

If you see that your hair loss is not getting under control even after using the best natural treatment for men’s hair loss, Lavivid offers you the best hair replacement system out there! You can add variety to your looks by using various designs and tones of toupees. Thus, these are the most cost-effective, carefree, and most convenient methods of solving male pattern hair loss and confidence boosters.


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