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Hairloss is a natural part of aging. But sometimes, the hair loss gets a bit out of hand. Excessive hair loss with age is due to a hereditary condition called male pattern baldness. This condition is caused by an imbalance of hormones and grows in severity with age. By the time most men reach the age of 30, their hair is greying out very slightly but losing at a much quicker pace. A modern solution to this condition is wearing toupees or hairpieces to cover up any hair loss. 

In the age of fashion, having a good healthy, and natural look is everyone's priority. Therefore many people with genetic hair loss conditions start wearing wigs at quite an early age. It can be especially tough to acquire a natural look while wearing a hairpiece when your natural hair itself is dark but greying out. It's important to select your toupee's color and texture to look as close to natural as possible.


What Does Wearing White Hairpiece Entails

To achieve a look that makes your hair look naturally attractive and healthy, you need to make sure that the toupee blends in with your natural hair. If you're at the age that your hair is a mix of white and black, you can't just put on a stark white hairpiece and call it a day. Doing that will give you the most absurd and fake look possible. Unless your goal is for your hair wif to stand out in a shock of color, you need to go through many options before settling on a piece that looks natural with your age. There are some guidelines that you can follow to get the best wig that complies with your style as well as your age.

● Get a wig that has a texture similar to your natural hair. Getting an unfamiliar texture is admirable if you're willing to experiment with your looks and try out more things. But sticking to your natural texture is the easiest way for your hair loss to go unnoticed.

● Don't get a wig that's denser than the average hair you've had your entire life. This will make your head look too full and entirely unnatural.

● Don't get a completely white or grey hairpiece. Look for a mix-match of grey, white, and the natural color of your hair. This will cover up your hair loss nicely while giving you the appropriate aging look.


Choose The Best White Hair Piece for Your Style And Comfort

Deciding to start wearing toupees in the long term can be challenging. It requires investments, time, and dedication to your look. It can be especially hard for you to decide on a color and texture when you've reached the age of greying out. While choosing to wear a white hair system, there are many things you need to ensure before you finalize your choice.


1. The attachment method for your hair system

It might seem insignificant, but how you attach your hair matters a lot. With a bald scalp and greying out hair, it matters even more that you choose the right attachment method that will help you secure your wig seamlessly while also providing comfort. You can choose double-sided tape or hairpiece adhesives. Using clips is also an option, but there's always the risk of them coming loose or ruining your pure white hair look. 

2. Choosing the appropriate color mix

Experimenting is fun, as long as it doesn't look tacky or fake. Choosing a white hairpiece can prove a challenge since just putting on a stark white hairpiece won't do. You need to choose a hairpiece that is essentially white and has some reflection of your natural hair color and some grey highlights to make it seem more natural. You also need to make sure that the color matches your skin tone and doesn't come as a shock.

3. Wearing the right texture

Having to choose the right texture, especially at an old age, is very important for your look. It might not look too good if you go with a full headed curly white wig, while your natural hair wasn't anywhere near that, you need to ensure that your white hairpiece for men is appropriately dense and has the right texture for your age, natural hair, and style. 

Maintaining Your White Hairpiece

The main goal of wearing a hair system is to appear charming and in good health, which cannot be achieved unless you take proper care of your hairpiece; while maintaining a hairpiece is time taking, treating a white hairpiece is even harder. You need to take the right steps to make sure that your hairpieces stay in top-notch condition. There are some tips that you can follow to treat your hair properly. 

● Wash, condition, and treat them with the recommended chemicals regularly.

● Take time to clean out all the residue before and after every wear.

● Don't use too much styling product pr heat tools on your natural human hair wig.

● Don't use heat tools or treatments on synthetic wigs at all. 

By following these basic guidelines, you will have your hairpiece for a very long time. Proper care of your hairpiece doesn't take more than 30-40 minutes, and it will help you keep your hairpieces nice and fresh for years, 

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