How to Prepare A Starter Kit for Your Hair System

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The number two question that people ask when they purchase their first hair system toupee is that what other products should I order together with the hair system for the routine caring and maintenance. Today we are going to suggest a starter kit that you can consider to pick when you place an order for your hair unit.

The routine to wear a hair system includes processes of application, styling, removal, and clean. Then this circle starts again from reapplication.

Hair System Application

Simply speaking, you need to attach this hair system onto your scalp and make sure it doesnt go anywhere, no lifting edges, not blown away in a tornado, and cannot even be dragged off by naughty kids.  Well, to achieve this goal, the application can be a little complicated and you need to be patient and do it in a correct way.

Before you apply glue or tape, there are two products that can be very helpful. The first is a scalp protector and it also has a thick version. It is very important to use this before applying your hair system because it can create a barrier between your scalp and the bonding product so it firstly can help protect your scalp and also it can make the bonding time longer. This product is essential especially for people who have sensitive or oily skin.

The second is Walker Tape Just Rite Positioning Spray. The reason why it is called a positioning spray is that it helps you position the hair system into the right place. This product is extremely important if you are not experienced in applying the unit yourself. The positioning spray can make the bond not functioning for some time and you can then adjust the hair system to the place you want. After the hair system is positioned correctly, then after the positioning spray evaporates, then the bonding will take effect. Then you can press your hair system down to make it securely bonding on your head.

Then we are at the next important question, should I use glue or tape? I dont know which to pick. Well, you can purchase a bottle of glue and tape at the same time. When you find that tape doesnt work very well for you, then you can switch to glue very easily. Walkers products are professionally made and it is quite popular in the hair system industry. A lot of people use them and they are very safe to use.

To choose a tape, we highly recommend you pick a contour shape tape because it works really well especially when you bond the front hairline.

Hair System Styling

Well, after the hair system is applied successfully. Then you need to style it every day and maintain it to keep it in good condition and always look good on you.

So first you need to comb the hair. This Bristles comb is specially designed for combing hair replacement systems for men. It is a super popular hair system maintenance accessories. It is made of super-soft bristles that glide through tangles and knots very easily. Also, it is antistatic which makes it suitable for dry weather.

This hair system holder is made of high-quality styrofoam and is very light. It is collapsible and is easily transportable. This holder can be used for displaying, holding, or air-drying the hair systems. It is a very convenient maintenance accessories for everyday use and when you travel.

Then another very important product is the leave-in conditioner. Beautify Leave-in Conditioner is made by Walker and it is also a very good product and very popular. Spray a little onto the hair system hair every morning and it will keep the hair in a decent condition for a whole day.

Hair System Removal

These two products can speak for themselves. Walker Tape Lace Release and C22 Solvent are the most popular products for removing hair systems. Lace Release is used before removing and C22 is used after.

For the hair system cleaning process, you can use normal shampoos and conditioners or you can purchase special made shampoos or conditioners for hair systems.

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