Introduction of Six Weaving Method of Men’s Hair Replacement Systems UK

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If you are seeking men’s hair replacement systems UK, Lavivi Hair is the one to provide you with the best product. While we are enjoying the beauty, Lavivid Hair will be transparent in the production process and show you our common wig crochet method. 

Single hook weaving method:

This crochet technique, which is characterized by more uniform and easy combing, is often used in the surrounding area to connect one's hair. The purpose is to combine the hair of the hair block with your hair. 

Half-buckle hook weaving method:

The feature of the half-knot technique is small, it is the hollowed-out hair root knotting lumps are small, you can hardly see the root of the summary without looking carefully, to achieve a natural growth close to the state, this method is mainly used for crocheting and processing in the invisible.

If you treat the skin with the hair roots, it is more ideal, the so-called skin of the hair roots, the root hair color is fading close to the skin color and knotted, coupled with the invisible membrane bionic, the effect can be said to be perfect, but because the tie is buckled in the middle too small, so the hardness will be damaged. This is the case where it is easy to fall off.

There is also a similar problem with the root of the skin. It is the root bleaching powder. After the treatment, the stratum corneum is destroyed, and men’s hair replacement systems UK will become very brittle, especially since the hair is combed frequently at the hairline, so there will be broken spots. Then, Lavivid Hair has also told you about the maintenance methods and how to care for your hair. I believe everyone knows how to do it.


One and a half hook weaving method:

This technology is widely used. Most areas of the ordinary single-layer net are woven with this technique. Its characteristics are good hair fixation, firmness and not easy to fall off, good fluffy feeling, suitable for friends who like fluffy and thick hairstyles. Its disadvantage is that the knot is relatively large.

It's easy to see the knots when you open the hair roots. Lavivid Hair wants to say that one thing about this method of weaving is that you can't cut your hair too short, and the hairstyle is more suitable for long hair. 

Double buckle hook weaving method:

The double buckle technique is to add a single buckle to a single buckle, which is equivalent to repeating a single buckle twice. The firmness is good and the service is good. This technology is mainly used for "common single-layer nets with full head and back nets". The meaning of the whole head needs no explanation.

It's the whole men’s hair replacement systems UK. The lateral dorsal mesh refers to the sides and back of the brain. The crocheting in these two places is very special. Most people don’t like the hair on both sides and the back of the hair to explode, it will look very uncomfortable, just like sleeping without combing the hair, so Lavivid Hair is usually double-buttoned here, which is firm and compliant. 

V-knitting method:

It is also called the injection crochet method, and it is also a commonly used method in the process of making wigs. It is mainly used for the rotation and border of silica gel. In recent years, it has also been used to weave the entire bionic film wool.

This method is different from other crocheting methods without knotting. The knitting yarn is the same as that of the V-shaped needle, and then the hairy roots are fixed with glue on the back. Its characteristics are high fidelity, no knots, and shortcomings. The adhesive is easy to burn and not durable. 

Hand stitch and crochet weaving method:

If you use this technique to explain, it should be a combination of a single button and a v-needle. The bottom net is woven with a single hook, and then the crocheted hair is drawn out of the upper net, which is firm and realistic.

It is currently high-end. In the production process of the product, but this technology is not brushing glue, so penetration and fidelity can be achieved, the hair roots are clear, realistic, withstand scrutiny, and easier to manage.

Many friends may not be familiar with or know where to pay attention to these skills. Lavivid Hair will be more popular for everyone in the future. It will also encourage us to make the process more transparent, and everyone will enjoy more fun when buying our wig product!


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