Do You Have Questions that If Hair Replacement Systems Work?

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What comes with the technique of hair replacement systems is the doubt that do hair replacement systems work, which is a commonly seen part of technical development and application. But hair replacement is a system scientifically tested with prove from a lot of celebrities, such as Antonio Conte, Ronaldo, and Beckham. And the secrets of hair replacement would be unveiled in the following parts. 

To figure out whether hair replacement work, relative medical theories is here to know first, which is called donor dominance theory proposed by Norman Orentreich. The core of this theory is hair planted inherits the characteristics from the area where it originally comes. In other words, the hair planted would not be influenced by the hormone resulting in hair loss in the front. Therefore, hair transplantation is a piece of good news for most long-term alopecia patients, especially for those who have seborrheic alopecia. 

More specifically, hair transplantation is transplanted to the hair loss area by extracting healthy hair follicles from the occipital region. But why is the backside?

First, the hair there is structurally stable and not affected by genetic and acquired factors. After transplantation, the hair follicles will not atrophy and have any necrosis with a survival rate as high as 98%.

Second, the density of hair there is four times that of other parts, meaning it will not affect the look after extracting part of it.

To sum, the hair is from itself, so there is no biological exclusion. As a result, the hair after planting has the biological characteristics of the original hair along with firm attachment, natural growth, original beauty. Also, the congenital stability of the structure of the hair follicle in the posterior occipital keeps it away from being affected by various hair loss factors. After planting, it will grow naturally with no longer falling off. 

In addition, there are few products as useful as hair replacement. Some may argue that wigs and fake hairpieces can have an immediate change; some may argue spray painting also works right after use. However, those people might miss some important details. For example, no one is asleep wearing a wig. Another example, no spray painting is waterproof for human use. The question that does wigs or sprays painting work would dwarf the question that does hair replacement systems work. 

Of course, there are some shortcomings or items worth attention to before and after the operation. Every patient suffering from baldness would be eager to find a solution. Then, carefulness is not hard to be forgotten in this process. And the careless mind would bring about problems in three aspects basically.

One, finance. Still, there are a number of people believing in the principle that the more money one pays, the better the outcome is. But things are not such simple principles. Knowing the reasonable price or the price range, nevertheless, should be the only principle during the replacement.

Two, the hospital. It is suggested to go to a regular hospital for a hair transplant. Besides, the success rate of hair transplants depends on the technical level, clinical experience, and medical equipment of the doctor.

Three, risks. It is absolutely true that the hair planted would not fall again, but not for the hair in the part beside it. Those would continue to survive for a considerable period of time but would decay and fall at last. So there would be a line or blank between the hair planted at the front and the original hair at the back part. 

All in all, however, the effect of hair transplant is pretty natural. Take a look at pictures of celebrities mentioned above in their different ages and we can find that hair transplant not only solves the pain of patients with hair loss but also improves their mental health. 

The existence of weaknesses cannot deny the utility of hair replacement systems. Instead, they serve as a reminder to people who have or will have the need to do such operations. In essence, it is a choice for becoming more decent and the key is about to do hair replacement systems work or others work. Any plans could be useful and satisfactory for consumers. And the only difference between them is that hair replacement is a powerful player.


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