My One Regret from the First Year of Wearing a Hair System

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You’d like to believe that Adam, a hair system genius and someone who has been wearing wigs for over four years now – wouldn’t have struggled with his hair systems initially.

Well, you could not be more wrong. Adam still firmly has one regret, and in this article, he’d save you from it.

first year of wearing hair system

In the first year of wearing hair systems, Adam had a fear of the unknown or the fear of not knowing enough. In short, he looked like a rabbit stunned in front of headlights and didn’t know where to go. Hence, he played safe and stuck with two hair system bases in his first year, which is why it took him four years to decide on his favorite one.

He shared his regrets story to save you from this trouble and to help you choose your favorite one quickly.

Which Hair Wig Is the Best for First Timers?

When choosing a base, it can be challenging for first-time wearers to pick the one that would suit them best. According to Adam, using a lace frontal for a natural appearance with a poly perimeter or poly in the middle would do the job wonderfully well in between the wide variety. This is because these types of wigs are robust and a great pick for first-time wearers.

For Adam, his first wig was something along the same lines. He used to wear a poly perimeter with a lace frontal and lace in the middle. What he liked about it was how hard it was to tear off, giving it a sturdy fit on the head and the easy five to six months durability it held. This is excellent longevity for a first-time wearer.

However, according to Adam, always choose a French Frontal Lace other than a Swiss Frontal Lace as a beginner. This is because the swiss base is highly delicate and, when cleaning or rebounding, can come apart slightly too. Moreover, it doesn’t last long much too.

Using a poly base would work well for first-time wearers too. While many believe that poly might accumulate sweat between the scalp and hair system, which can loosen the bond – Adam begs to disagree. He even asked about this particular case from his friends and other hair system wearers who live in the hotter climate, and they also clarified that they were not facing any such issue.

What Hair Systems aren’t Advisable for First Timers and Why?


Now that you know what hair system types you can start with in your initial days, how about discussing the two types that Adam doesn’t encourage using at the start of your hair system journey?

The full-length and ultra-thin bases are types Adam won’t encourage you to wear at the beginning of your journey. However, once you are six months in as a hair system wearer, he’d surely push you to take this leap. Why is that?

These two types of laces are a little harder to manage. Hence, once you have a six-month experience with other laces, these won’t give you a hard time or leave you panicked when fixing one on your scalp.

One Regret Adam Has, but you Shouldn’t!


Adam encourages men to try a different type of hair base every time they go out to buy one. This is because buying one base and, based on it, deciphering if it doesn’t suit you, no base will is not a great move. He regrets not investing in different bases to find his favorite one in the beginning. Hence, he encourages you to do so.

Being patient and persistent and continuously running on trial and error until you find your favorite base is the key. Trial and error are essential because there are many different types of bases in the market.

Considering all humans are different, and each has their genetic make-up, it isn’t necessary that if one suits someone, it is bound to suit you too. Hence, you need to find a base that would sit well with your scalp, and for that, you would need to test around a little and be open to investing in new bases.

Similar to many types of bases, there are many hair system manufacturers too. However, when it comes to manufacturers, Adam doesn’t test around a lot because he knows just the right one that would suit him and many others the best. What is it?

LaVivid, of course. Working in the hair system business for so long, LaVivid is one of the leading manufacturers of wigs and toupees. Hence, if there is one business, you should trust, explore, and test the fantastic varieties of hair systems; it might be this one.

If all this wasn’t intriguing, LaVivid offers Adam and his followers a great discount. Type in Adam15 and get a 15% off your order. Hence, not only will you be wearing an impeccable wig, but the one that hits your price range quite nicely too.


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