Mike's REVIEW on Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System

July 28, 2023 Hair Replacement for Men Views: 421

Mike is currently in Gran Ganaria and wants to discuss his Lavivid hair system and what it's like wearing one abroad, considering the climate differences between there and the UK.

Having been away before with his hair system to Gran Ganaria, Mike notes that the temperature now is much hotter, reaching 32 degrees and above. He mentions that he did a re-groom on himself just before his trip, and so far, he has experienced no lifting, itching, or discomfort, except for a slight discomfort at the back, which he deals with by using a tip he learned from someone else's video. Instead of itching, he lightly flicks his finger on the itchy area to avoid damaging the system.

Since arriving in Gran Ganaria, Mike has washed his hair once in the five days he's been there, as he doesn't find it necessary to wash them frequently. He hasn't experienced any adverse effects with the hair system and even finds it to be a conversation starter, as some people recognized him from his channel and social media where he talks about hair systems. He also met someone else in Gran Ganaria who wears a hair system and had a similar positive experience.

Regarding the glue, Mike uses Walker Tape Ultra Hold, which he finds to be the most durable and long-lasting, although not necessarily the most natural-looking, especially since he has a lace front. For a more natural look, he recommends using white glue like Ghostbond, as lace blends better with white glue than clear glue. However, for durability and strength, he prefers Ultra Hold. He also tapes the perimeter of his system to ensure it stays on longer.

Mike mentions that he hasn't gone into the sea with his hair system, as he prefers to avoid getting it wet, although he has paddled and played in the water. He hasn't experienced any issues with sand in his hair.

In conclusion, Mike hopes that the video provides some helpful tips or insights for viewers. He recommends Lavivid for those interested in getting a hair system. He briefly shows his highlighted hair system, acknowledging that he probably should have styled it properly before making the video.

Mike bids his viewers farewell, wishes them a lovely time, and says he'll see them soon. Goodbye!


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