If Men’s Permanent Hair Pieces Exist?

September 15, 2020

Being in the industry of hair replacements for men, Lavivid Hair today wants to answer and cater to one of the most enquired about question according to all the search engines, “Are there any Men’s Permanent Hair Pieces?”. How cool would it be if you were going through baldness or did not like the way your Hair looked so you would shave your Hair and get yourself a permanent hair, once and for all ending the struggle of spending hours on getting your hair to look perfect? And maybe in an ideal world that would exist. Well, we are here to end this discussion once and for all that;

Permanent Hair Pieces for Men is a Myth!  

If we have to discuss this matter in-depth and if you are wondering why as the whole hair replacement industry has grown so much so why not permanent hair wigs or pieces for men. To put it in simple words, the permanent hairpiece is just a bad idea if you consider all the factors which go into it. To explain a few;

1- The Hair which grows from your scalp gets its moisture and minerals from the scalp, which the body provides from its roots. Whereas, it will not be the case with the Hair of your permanent hair units. If you get natural human Hair, it will require so much more attention and care to look healthy, and even after all the work you put in it, it will still start to look dead and fall out of its base. If you get synthetic fiber hair, it will not give you as real of a look as you would prefer having on your head, but then again, your Hair’s problem eventually falling out remains the same.

2- The hair system’s base needs to be replaced with a new glue application and hair system maintenance for proper scalp health and keeping your skin hygienic. No glue is strong enough to keep your Hair toupee on your scalp without having to reapply. If there would be a glue or an adhesive, which does that can never be good for your skin. It is no rocket science that you need to have more potent chemicals for more substantial long-lasting effects.

No hair solution can be permanent, your use of that method can be endless, but the hair solution can’t be. Let’s prove our point by listing all the ways of getting rid of hair loss and baldness. Let’s start with surgical procedures like hair transplant, which only caters to the hair loss you have had until the point of that surgery, whereas they are no guarantee of the future hair loss you will experience. Same with Surgical procedures that involve a laser, they can only cater to the damage done to the point of the surgery if you want to keep up the results you would have to keep spending thousands of dollars to keep your head full of Hair. This is not doable for most people, so let’s shift to some other hair restoration form.

Hair supplements, maybe? Well, as many hair experts have already proved to us that these hair supplements will only work if the reason for your hair loss is some deficiency in your body. So after knowing all these facts, you might acknowledge that even the procedures which claim to be permanent are not so permanent after all.

Same with the hair replacement systems, they are said to be the semi-permanent solution, but if you pay attention, it is the most sustainable method of getting yourself a long-term solution for baldness. With these hair systems, you can get yourself a temporary semi-permanent hairpiece installed and get the best out of it for several months until it is time to get yourself a new hair system. It will require you to get yourself a new hairpiece every 4 to 5 months, but it will also allow you to change your hairstyle as per your moods or the trends in the season. You can even switch to hairpieces with faded hair color if you want to transition to something age-appropriate slowly. No matter your age, you will always have something for yourself with these hair replacement units. There are plenty of options that offer a more extended and more durable hold of hair system; you can be free of all the worries of baldness or hair loss.

The Endnote of this discussion of Men’s permanent Hairpieces can be concluded as; At the same time, right now, we have reasons to not go for permanent hair replacement systems due to specific problems which are deemed to be a long way to be solved as the technicalities are pretty genuine. But what you can do is check out a very high-end brand of hair replacement systems like Lavivid Hair and pick out what you think fits your hair requirements best and get it for yourself. So you can take advantage of these utter blessings we are bestowed upon by our Hair Gods.

Lavivid Hair has been designing the hair systems for more than two decades. After knowing your hair system requirements, they can even make you a hair system that will give you better results than any other method you might have picked for your hair restorations.

Lavivid Hair Providing you what you deserve!