The Introduce of Men’s Hair Replacement System

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When we talk about the overall look of a man, there is no doubt that his hair is the staple of the entire appearance. It holds the power to make or break the entire aura of his look. The majority of men suffer from hair loss and more than 50% of men are likely to experience male pattern baldness around the age of 50. There is a concept of Being Bald and Beautiful around the globe and if you don’t find yourself comfortable with it then we have got your back and you have come to the right place!

When you are in the search of ways to save you the hair you will come across many options – Some of which will be permanent, others semi-permanent and some will just be plain scams (Claiming to stop the hair loss or even reverse it). It is important to know about all the reliable options you have and make an informed decision about the option you choose. Having the Hair Transplant Surgery seems like a viable option at first but if you think about the expense, the pain, and the effort; you might just find it not worthy enough. Maybe Hair Growth Pills seems like a better option to you but have you thought about the side effects and the patience you will need to see the results? Well, from the options available you may want to go for the most authentic and fail-safe option.

Going for a suitable and sustainable Hair Replacement System seems like the most unwavering option. It is understandable if you are not comfortable with it in the beginning but after comparing the pros and cons of the Hair Replacement System, Toupees will be your new best friend. If you are experiencing greying of hair along with hair loss then you're in for a win-win situation. From the mid-2018 Salt and Pepper toupees are very famous and trendy among men; grey hair serving the edgy, classy, and a bold statement of elegance. So our Salt and Pepper hair replacement piece that complements your real hair and gives off the very statement of fashion is something you cannot get with any other hair replacement option.

More Reasons to Opt for Men’s Hair Replacement System

A Non-intrusive Solution
The greatest advantage we have with this method of Hair Replacement is that it is completely non-intrusive and safe. Permanent or Surgical hair transplant methods have been proved to be painful and have a certain possibility of complications, i.e., scarring, infections, and results not being on par with what you expected.

In Addition to that, Hair Transplant will only treat your current bald spots. It cannot help you with the future hair loss you will experience. This makes us conclude very easily that all the pain, money, and effort is not worth it.

No Fear of Side Effects
If you have decided to go for a hair replacement piece and are making a precautionary list of side effects, it will almost have nothing in it! As it is a non-surgical procedure you eliminate every chance of getting any side effect. There is little to no particular thing to be worried about with our toupees or replacement pieces.  

Desired Instant Results
When you are losing your hair or opting for any hair treatment you have a specific image in mind of how you want the results to turn out; i.e., a light fade from the sides and a classy hairstyle on the top. Only Hair Replacement pieces can deliver such results instantly – No other hair treatment will promise you your desired results in an instant. The cherry on the top is that the process is effortless and simple.

Reversible Process
Going for surgical procedures to deal with hair loss are obviously not reversible, so if you are not happy with the results there is not much you can do about it; making hair transplant surgery the riskiest option. With our hair replacement system, you are guaranteed your desired results no matter what degree of hair loss you are experiencing, but in case you are not satisfied you can change the toupee to your likings as it is both more reliable and affordable.

Affordable and Independent
The prime advantage of Men Hair Replacement System is that it is cheaper and more affordable than all the other permanent options. A Surgery would cost you thousands and in case you are not happy with the results you will need another costly surgery. The Hair Replacement Pieces or Toupee is so much cheaper in comparison you need around $300 - $400 to revamp your look and if you choose LavividHair you can even find better options for cheaper prices.

Another main advantage of Men Hair Replacement System is that you don’t need any professional help to fashion it. It is quick, doable, has limitless styling possibilities, and simply makes the best option. 

Salt and Pepper Hair Toupee – Grey is the new Black.

grey hair system

For a very long time, the greying of hair was always seen with mixed feelings; but now it is deemed to be more desirable than the classic black hair. According to a study, 72% of women find Salt and Pepper haired men more appealing. From Sr. Hollywood stars to young K-pop singers and Instagram models, salt and pepper hair trend have taken everyone by a storm.

While acknowledging how amazingly edgy and elegant the Salt and Pepper hair looks it can be quiet daunting to go for something that bold. Again Salt and Pepper Hair Replacement pieces can show their magic here. There are countless options available in both different shades of Salt and pepper and styles at LavividHair. Style them however you want, get comfortable with how they look on you and rock them like George Clooney, Brad Pit, or our personal favorite Robert Downey Jr.  

At last Gentlemen, We hope Salt and Pepper Pieces, Men Hair Replacement System and Toupees make much more sense to you now but always acknowledge Bald or not, You are Beautiful


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