How to Choose Men Hairpieces Online?

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The men hairpieces online nowadays are hot products bought by both males and females to settle their worries of baldness. The article introduces several wonderful hair replacements which are best sold at Lavivid. 

Wigs, hair toupees, and hair extensions all belong to hairpieces. Beautiful hair can make you look younger and energetic. Different hairstyles make slight changes to your disposition. There are some hairpieces for men that you cannot miss at Lavivid. Do you wanna hide your baldness problem? Right at Lavivid, here are the solutions. 

Lavivid is professional in providing men’s hair toupees. As a store with a long history, the products are carefully selected from suppliers. Their quality has gone through the test of customers. There a wide range of hair replacement systems available. There will be the one that fits you the best. 

Silk hair units

If you have sensitive skin and high demand for the wearing experience, a silk hair system can be the primary recommendation. Despite a more expensive price, this sort of hair system can render you the best experience of wearing a toupee. 

Silk hair systems, namely, are made with a silk base. It is highly breathable and comfortable. The product has gone through the most complicated manufacturing process with the most advanced techniques. 

·Poseidon Men's Receding Hairline Solution

It has a deluxe silk base with thin skin around it. The peripheral thin skin makes sure that the hairpieces can be connected with the base firmly. Poseidon is a guarantee of durability. The three layers structure enables knots to hide well inside these layers when applied to one’s head, leading to perfect invisibility. 

The silk hair toupee can give you the most realistic hair appearance. It seems that the hair just grows out of your scalp. The hair is the Indian Remy Human Hair. The medium density hair can well cover the front hairline which is made of poly skin. Because of the combination of poly and silk materials, the hair system is stronger than the average. It can last for 8 months. Good maintenance can even longer the period. 

Mono hair replacement

Monofilament is a very strong and durable material. It is more durable than poly and lace materials. A mono hair system usually has a skin perimeter. Such a combination can realize the balance of natural outlook and good adherence. 

·Lapetus men hairpieces online

It has a fine mono base coated by a round of poly thin skin. The base of the product cannot be cut too much. Otherwise, the thin skin perimeter can be cut off completely and reduce the durability of this hair system. 

The original hairstyle is straight. You can curl it or cut it as you like. This hairpiece can also be used for 8 months. It is an economic option if you are looking for a male toupee with an undetectable look and availability of being used for a long time. 

Skin hair replacements

Thin skin is the most commonly used material to make the hair base. The clear appearance of the thin layer can mix with your real skin undetectable. The impenetrable quality of thin skin explains why this sort of hair toupees for men is popular. The thin skin layer makes the process of application and removal simple and easy. 

·Coeus Men's Hair Replacement Unit

Featuring a full-thin skin base, the hair unit gives you the feeling that you are wearing a second skin. The Indian Remy Human Hair is health, smooth and good-looking. It can last for 6-9 months. 

Lace hair system

Lace hair toupee is also a popular type of men hairpieces online. Instead of durability, the lace base hair system puts more focus on a pleasant wearing experience. The lace hair is the most light-weighted. It may be the best option for people who emphasize the comprehensive performance of a product. 

·Ares Men's Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

This hairpiece can last for 4-6 months. It has a lace base with thin skin around it. There is a wide range of colors available. You can pick up the one you prefer and have a try on this nice product, 


In terms of overcoming hair loss, men hairpieces online are a trendy choice. If you are interested in the products at Lavivid, do not hesitate to have a look at our store website. We believe the hair products here will not let you down.


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