What's the Causes of Male Pattern Baldness and How to Deal with It

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People losing hair is widespread. Every human being with hair on their head loses on average of 100 hair strands every day, but what most people do not know the fact that around 50% of the men will experience some extent of male pattern baldness around or after the age of 50. Men do not realize they are experiencing male pattern baldness until the time it is almost a little too late. Facts and Figures tell us that Male Pattern Baldness is a widespread problem, while no one wishes to lose their hair or experience hair loss. Losing hair can be a terrifying thing for men, especially if it is male pattern baldness because it is very little to no hope of them growing back.

This fact tells us that half the men suffer from male pattern baldness and are looking for a permanent solution, whereas many do not realize that there is a solution!

We have collected all the information you will need to deal with, fix your male pattern baldness, and restore your confidence.

To begin this venture, we need to know; what Male Pattern Baldness is precise.

Male Pattern Baldness

As men age, they experience hair thinning, it is no rocket science what aging does to our body, but more than 90% of the men can blame it on Male Pattern Baldness. Its leading probable cause is genetics, according to scientists as men age, their hair follicles tend to shrink in response to the hormone known as DHT. As the hair follicle is getting smaller, the hair growing from that follicle tends to become thinner and keeps reducing in length. It then takes longer for your hair to grow back, and then the follicles shrink so much that the hair stops growing.

Male Pattern hair loss can affect men of all ages. In some cases, it even affects boys in their teenage. The sooner it starts happening, the more hair loss the person will experience. Male pattern baldness is the slowest type of hair loss, making it the most dangerous one as you don't see it happening. By the time you notice your hair thinning and decline in your hair volume, it is too late. Some factors that aid in Male Pattern Baldness are Stress, medications, and scalp infection.

Solution for Male Pattern Baldness

The initial solution to this is taking care of your hair from the beginning. Noticing your hair fall and testing different products to see what works for your hair, avoiding intensive heat or styling also helps with the hair damage, but as you are reading this article, I guess it is too late for that option like most of us. You are probably having those devastating thoughts of going bald and looking old. Please stop. That is not going to happen. These thoughts are not going to help you in any way, plus we have the ultimate solution for you.

hair toupee

The Hair Replacement System is the solution to almost any and every hair loss problem known to men. As Male pattern Baldness usually starts from the scalp's crown area and then moves towards your hairline, people typically see the hair from the sides and the back of men experiencing Male Pattern Baldness. Hair pattern baldness Crown area is the most neglected area of the men's hair care. It is also usually neglected in the making of hair systems, but that is not the case with Lavivid, where you can get yourself a hair system toupee for yourself to get rid of the Male Pattern Baldness. As the hair systems are gaining popularity worldwide, they are becoming less and less recognizable. Know someone whose hair was fairly average than suddenly he is winning at his hair game? You guessed it right. All thanks to the Hair Replacement Systems. You probably know a few people with hair systems, and you would not even know it.

Men dealing with male pattern baldness are required to analyze their hair loss pattern and the areas where they are experiencing hair loss. There is more than one pattern of hair loss, so deciding the hairpiece for yourself to deal with requires a calculated decision and sometimes, professional help, which brands like Lavivid, which provide you the complete order guide with both stock pieces and custom pieces.

If you are experiencing the usual Male Pattern Baldness Crown area hair loss, resorting to stock hairpieces will help you wonders! The Toupee will bring you your desired results without spending a lot of time, cash, or resources on it.

Now we have established the problem, and it's the most reliable solution. However, most men will fear the hair system as such a massive change in their hair will gather attention towards them, and they fear people might notice their hair system. This should be the least of your concerns as it is the same as women going for semi-permanent makeup, but as the world we live in is so judgmental, it is understandable to be skeptical about changes like these. You are conscious of the reactions of people around you, but in reality, most people will not even notice it. They look the same as your natural hair. Even in the case of people starting to see, there is something different about you, and you look better than before, how is that a bad thing? Plus, the most important thing is how you feel about yourself. The math of opting for the hair replacement system is easy, you do not like the way your hair looks initially, and you don't want to look old or less attractive. Getting yourself a hair replacement will be a sky-rocketing thing for your confidence. You will immediately feel the difference. As soon as you opt for it, you will be like a role model for other men dealing with the same problem and might even come to you for some advice.





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