Find the Black Hair Toupee in Lavivid

August 14, 2020

Due to COVID, all the hair system businesses are facing the same problem of short supply of hair toupees. Black hair toupee is the number one color toupee sold on the market, so right now black toupee is the number one color people are looking for all over the market. Apparently, most of the toupee distributors dont have black toupees anymore. Fortunately, we have our own factory to produce a bunch of black toupees and now they are available to you now.

Today we are introducing our Felix hair system to you all.



Felix is categorized as a mono hair system because the greater part of its base is monofilament. It has 1.5” poly on the sides and the back, 1” poly in the front, and a 1” lace material in the front hairline.
The mono-material allows your scalp to breathe freely, and the lace front offers you a beautiful front hairline, so you can wear your hair back to expose the hairline.

Mono is a very strong material. The combination base of mono and poly makes the hair system even more durable. It can last 6-9 months with correct caring.


It has three sizes available and they are 7”x9”, 7”x10” and 8”x10”. When you choose a size, please choose the one that is closest to the size you need. The poly in the perimeter can be cut off 0.5” at the most because you need to leave at least 1” width of the poly to apply adhesive tapes. So you have to think it over before you make a decision.

Color: It only has one color of 1B Off Black.


Density: It has 130% medium density, and it is for people who are looking for high density and thick hairstyles. This density usually works best for people under their 40s. 

Black toupees have been frequently asked recently and we also have a limited amount of black toupee in stock. If you are looking for a black toupee, give it a try. If you have any other questions about this black hair toupee, please feel free to contact and we are happy to answer any questions you might have.