How to Apply the Hair System Adhesives?

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You will find the usual discussions about different kinds of hair systems and hoe you can achieve different looks and a new style from them, which is true. Still, people forget to include one of the essential things in making your hair system or hair toupee look flawlessly realistic: Hair Toupee Glue or Adhesives.

For people who are using hair toupees to solve their hair problem will know that hair system glue is an extraordinary thing. Which is not at all simple. Everyone has their preference of hair toupee glue as they realize that different kind of adhesives reacts differently on different scalps. It all comes down to the skin type of their scalp along with their preferences. As the hair replacement industry is reaching the zenith in the male grooming world, we have plenty of available glue options in the market for the perfect installation of your hair toupee. If you are new to this world of hair perfection, we want to let you know about a period of trial and error you will experience before finally knowing what you want and settling for only what works for you.

The right hair toupee glue will allow you to do almost anything wearing them. You cannot undermine the importance of the proper hair adhesive. Want to take over the dance floor without worrying about sweating and making a mess in your hair toupee? Just find the perfect glue and forget about your hairpiece, may it be dancing, swimming, or intense environments. Your Hair System will hold its place if only you choose the right glue. But how will you be able to do that with tons of info about your hair toupee on the internet but not enough about your hair toupee glue? Take heart, as we have your back.

Understanding your Skin Type.

Most men going for hair toupees ignore this while choosing their base for hair toupees as well as the glue they want. At the same time, it should be on the top of the list before selecting and getting the hairpiece. Knowing your skin type will make you realize that every scalp is different. What is working for your friend might not do the same for you. As our scalp produces natural oils with our without having hair on our heads, and if you are wearing hair toupees, it will be to hide those bald spots. So, you have to analyze and understand how much oil your scalp produces then get yourself a glue that will work the best for your scalp. Then you have to follow the behavior of your skin and how it reacts to different products. If it is too sensitive, you cannot use adhesives with harsh chemicals if it gets greasy very fast then you might have to use stronger bonds for your hair toupees.

Factors you need to consider before getting the Hair Toupee Glue.

Yes, your hair toupee needs to be according to your lifestyle, so does the adhesive you will be using to apply that hair toupee with. The type of hair system you are getting will also decide the kind of glue you need to have. For Example; if you have a lace base hair toupee you cannot use thick, and super strong adhesive the lace base is fragile, and it will break the support while removing the hair system if you want to remove it in between the application. Now, this brings us to our next point, which is that for how long are you planning to have your wig on? If you are someone who would like to remove it more often than not, it is recommended that you use a lighter duty glue.

Types of Hair Toupee Glue:

There are many different types of Hair Toupee Glues available, but they can be generally categorized into two primary groups.

Soft Bond Glues and Hard Bond Glues. As the name suggests, weak bonds are for lighter wear and are generally more comfortable but do not guarantee a very stronghold. Whereas Hard Bond makes sure your hair toupee stays intact no matter what.  

Understanding The Hair Toupee Glue.

Secondly, you need to think about what you want to put on your skin. It is no rocket science, but adhesives and glues are chemicals, and not all substances are soft on our skin. Most people do not know the importance of label reading before getting yourself products which you are going to put on your skin, which every skincare expert will advise you to do so. If the hair glue you pick for yourself has some harmful chemicals, it will probably make your healthy skin very sensitive and tender. Might even cause rashes, itchiness, and burning sensations. You are preparing your hair toupee to experience a nightmare. Yes, we acknowledge it is a lot to look for, and it is too much to look for when you want to get yourself a glue. Very overwhelming, which is understandable, but as we said, in the beginning, the journey of a hair replacement system is the one which has a lot of trial and testing in it to reach your ultimate holy grail products. So you have two options, in this case, consult a stylist or do your research and dive right into your learning from experience sort of a deal. You want to look up a stylist or a professional for your hair toupee instalment. Lavivid Hair has a list of featured Hair system Professionals who are best in what they do. You can visit Lavivid Hair and quickly get your consultancy done by an expert.  


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