LaVivid Hair Systems: A Comprehensive Cost Guide for Various Types

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Today we're going to be looking at costs of hair systems today because I get so many questions about this, so I figured I might as well make a article about it. We're going to be looking at lace, we're going to be looking at Poly, we're going to be looking at monofilament, and we're going to be looking at silk. So, this is the Lavivid website. They've got $60 off your first purchase. Might be worth considering, guys. They do quite a lot of sales, so it's always worth keeping your eyes peeled. There's 10% off a custom order hair system.

Let's start with lace. I'm currently wearing a French lace; I'm wearing the Thor system, one of Lavivid's most popular ones. The Thor  men's French lace toupee is $319, and then you've got the Swiss, which is also the same amount of money. Swiss lace is a thinner system, so it's a finer base, doesn't last as long, but it is more comfortable. It isn't quite as dense, which is why I slightly prefer the Thor men's French lace. Both good systems, and they're the same price. You actually got quite a few here, all in the same ballpark at $319, 20% off at the moment, so that's worth bearing in mind.

These ones I'm really interested to give a go at some point. La Vivid Victor clip-on hair systems - $319 as well. These ones work whereby you don't actually have an adhesive on the top of your head; you don't have a glue or a tape. You literally just clip it to your natural hair on the sides, and it actually looks quite comfortable. I suppose the only drawback is you have to take it off at night, but it might be suitable if you know your scalp is too sensitive to tolerate a hair system. Clip-on hair systems might be something worth considering, and I may actually do a full article on this because there are quite a few people who struggle keeping a system on for a week or longer - they get itchiness or redness or stuff like that. So, the clip-on hair system is one I'd recommend in that instance.

So, with the lace ones, they're about $319, 20% off at the moment. Why do I always recommend, as well with LaVivid? I said this at the top of the article - it's always worth checking their website because, you know, my discount code aside, they have a lot of discount codes. You know, they have a lot of discounts which become available, and they tend to happen around national holidays in America. Now they are having their Black Friday Mega Sale, offering discounts up to 35% off.

Now, let's move on to the Skins. Skin Hair Systems  - my next one is going to be a skin system. Now, one thing worth considering here is getting three at once. Getting yourself three Hair Systems at once takes the hassle out of having to order one new one every two or three months. You can buy three at once, and that can last you like nine months to a year. So, if it were me, that's what I'd do; that's what I've done in the past. It makes sense if you've got the capital available to do that is something I'd recommend.

Now, with skins, they are generally cheaper than lace because they involve less labor to make them, but they're still pretty good and pretty robust. I'm a big fan of skins alongside the lace. In my opinion, skin is slightly more comfortable unless you go through a really thick one. For instance, one of my favorites is the Coeus, a nice one. My previous system was a Coeus if you guys can remember back like three or four months, and that lasted about three months. They also have the Mirage , a very popular one. I'd usually go for the single-knotted one because that just does last longer and it's V-looped at the front, so that looks more natural. You should be expecting to get like three months out of that, and it's cheaper than the lace - it's $279, so worth considering.

Now, there are also ones which I like the look of - these ones which have certain colors in them and stuff like that. It's something again I'm considering getting in the future. So, this one here, the Travisit's like that bleach blonde sort of look which I really quite like. It sort of gives me beach vibes. Maybe I'll get it for my honeymoon in summer; let's see. And also, my stylist, my barber near where I live, she said, "Well, I could dye your natural hair to match with the color of this system." So, it's something I'm thinking of doing. It's definitely something I'm thinking of doing in summer. I don't think it'd work as well in winter, but summer's definitely worth considering. It does look cool, right?

So, we've looked at the skins. This one looks interesting as well; I just don't have the right color for it. But if you've got black hair, would you consider that? Let me know in the comments below - the Patrick white-highlighted black hair system. I think it looks cool; it is a bit pricier, obviously, these two, but that's because they've been specifically designed to be sort of bleached to look a certain way.

Let's move on to the monofilaments. Now, I know these aren't used by that many people, but if you're looking for longevity in a system, and your scalp isn't sensitive, doesn't itch a lot with the system on, these might be for you. They're only $300; some are a bit more pricey, but they'll last you a long time. Yes, they're thicker, yes, they're not quite as realistic, but if that doesn't bother you too much and you're just looking for durability, monofilament could definitely be for you, and you'd be saving so much money as well.

Now lastly, I wanted to look at silk because I'm yet to come across a person personally who wears a silk system, and they really intrigue me because they last quite a long time. I did a short on this the other day about the Tyler system, which can last up to a year. So, I'll be really intrigued. Again, let me know in the comments box below if you've tried a silk system, but they look pretty good. They're $349, so imagine if this lasted you a year, and it only cost you $349 for a year for your system. And obviously, there's a ton of colors you can choose from, but you get bleach knots at the front as well for that sort of realistic hairline. I'm just hypothesizing here, but I would imagine that a silk base, given that I use a silk pillow at night and a silk du-rag, I imagine it'd be pretty comfortable. Now, I could be mistaken; maybe it gets super hot in summer. But my hunch would be that it would be quite comfy to wear. Also, they're doing 20% off on this as well; I think it's off everything, so $279.20 might be worth considering. That's still there for another five days at the time of writing.

So, there you have it, guys. Four different bases. What's your preferred? Do you prefer lace? Do you prefer skin? Are you a monofilament kind of guy or gal? Have you tried silk? That's actually what I'm more intrigued about on anything. Have you tried a silk base, and what was your experience of it? Because it's something that I've definitely considered in the past. It's something I wouldn't write off in the future.

I hope this article, in particular, has helped you a little bit with navigating the big wide world of hair system purchases. Till next time, guys, bye for now!


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