The Feadback of LaVivid Hair System Unboxing

May 13, 2020 What Our Customers Say Views: 2553

Ive just received my LaVivid hair system and I am going to do an unboxing review, a shedding test, and a straightening test. Also I will color the hair system to see how it works.

Unboxing of LaVivid Hair System

It came here this morning in this beautiful box. I used to buy from amazon and they always came in a plastic bag and I really like the packaging of LaVivid Hair.

I ordered #18 dark beige blonde color and I ordered a light color specifically because I want to do a dye test to see how the hair takes the dye.

The skin base is very stretchy and this is what I prefer.  Normally hair systems I ordered elsewhere, the base is like a plastic and is not stretchy at all and feels really stiff. This one is perfect. The hair is of high quality. I am not gonna lie and I am giving a 100% honest review. I have spent so much money on hair systems. The quality of this hair system is really great. It has no tangle, very smooth, and the smell is ok.

Shedding Test of LaVivid Hair System--Pass

Now I am going to do a shedding test. I am gonna comb the hair when it is dry. As you can see, after the hair system is fully combed, there is only one single hair left on the comb.

Next shedding test I am going to do on wet hair. Also there is very minimum hair left on the comb. The hair system passes the shedding test perfectly.

Also, it is not recommended if you comb wet hair since it will cause hair shedding. Comb the hair when it is dry.

Straightening Test of LaVivid Toupee--Pass

Now I am going to do a straightening test. You know some companies claim they use human hair to make toupees but actually they use synthetic hair. Usually synthetic hair cannot stand heat.

I straightened the hair and the hair comes out with no damage at all. It is really high-quality hair with no doubt.

Dye Test of LaVivid Hair Replacement System

Now I am going to color the hair to a dark brown to see how the hair takes the dye. The color comes out super beautifully and the hair is still very soft even after all these tests.

The only difficulty is the styling and it is because the hair is really sleek and not very easy to style. The quality is perfect. Would I pay for the high price for the hair system? Absolutely. Will I continue to buy from LaVivid? A hundred percent.

I used to make a video about how bad my last hair system becomes only after 4 weeks wearing. Maybe it is because it is synthetic hair not 100% human hair as what they advertised. It became really bad.

Take a look at and you can use my code Daniel15 to get 15% off on their website. I will make an update video of this hair system in 4 weeks. Stay tuned.



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