LaVivid is committed to delivering the best non-surgical solutions to men who are experiencing hair loss and we are always committed to innovation and bring people something new and we hope you like them. 

First we have 3 full cap wigs for men and they are Jayden the gray one, Azriel the blue one and Gabriel the long blonde one. 

These wigs are designed by a well-known wig designer who has over 30 years of experience in wigs and hair systems. 

They are fully customized. Whether you are looking for some ordinary hair colors like black, brown, or blonde, or some fun colors, we can make them happen. 

If you are looking for a more affordable full cap wig, choose the base with less ventilation work needed. For the two bases in the below picture, the one on the left is a more expensive base because it requires 100% hand-made work. While for the one on the right side, the base in the back is machine wefted, so hand-made part is a lot less, thus the price for making the wig is a lot less expensive comparatively. 

Also when it comes to hair material, especially for long hair. A mix of human hair with synthetic hair is a good choice to save money because synthetic hair is a lot less expensive than real human hair. By mixing real human hair and synthetic hair doesn’t make the hair look stiff at all. On the contrary, it doesn’t require as much maintenance work as human hair needs. 

Besides these, we also will bring some women hair toppers to you. We offer 3 sizes ranging from small size, medium size and large size. With these toppers, you can either glue/tape it down to your scalp or put clips on it and clip it to your hair. Whether you are looking for Increase hair volume or cover hair loss area, these work for both situations. 

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