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May 23, 2021 Blog Views: 2093

Are you looking for a European hair system? Are you looking for a breathable lace hair system? Do you want an easy wear and low maintenance needed hair unit? Do you prefer a natural-looking lace hairline? Do you want to achieve a long hairstyle? If yes, then this hair unit can meet all the requirements you have. 

European hair

There are a few different hair materials used in the hair system market including Indian hair, Asian hair, and European hair. Indian hair is comparatively cheap; Asian hair is thick and strong and it is a good choice if you plan to add small curls into it; European hair is the softest, sleek and healthy hair available on the hair system market. Also European is a good choice if you are looking for a long hairstyle. Meanwhile, European hair is much more expensive than the other two hair materials.

This hair system uses 16’’ long European hair and the final hair length of the hair system is 11’’. 

Breathable Hybrid Base, Easy to Work with

This hair system uses French lace in the front and center part of the base and 1’’ wide thick clear PU for both sides and the back. Also for a base larger than 8’’x10’’, we will add a 1/4’’ wide pu across the base. Also adding stitching lines onto the base makes the base more durable and in shape. Also in the very front, we used two layers of lace to ensure a durable and strong hairline. This hair system can last around 6-9 months. 

The reason why saying it is easy to work with because of the 1’’ wide PU in the sides and back. As we all know that removing tape or glue residue from a lace base can be a lot of work and quite messy. With this hair system, you only need to apply tape or glue onto the PU border, so it is also super easy to remove the tape or glue residue from a PU material.

However, you also need to use glue or tape for the lace front hairline. The lace hairline gives you a natural and undetectable look. Also, the hairline is made with a graduated effect. 

Work for Men and Women

This hairpiece works for both men and women. 

It is for men who are looking for a long hairstyle. Women can use this hairpiece with no problem at all. For women who are experiencing alopecia, they might don’t have general hair thinning but some bald spots so they might don’t have enough hair to hold clips of a clip-on hairpiece. So this hair piece is a good choice for them too. They can tape or glue the hairpiece on the scalp and achieve a supernatural look. 


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