How Much You Could Accept for Lace Hair System?

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The lace hair system price varies according to their making materials, quality, and store reputation. To make you better know what is the reasonable price of a lace hair system and to make your purchasing easier, we have searched online and tried to provide you with a complete picture of the prices. 

As there are various types of hair systems, there are also assorted lace hair systems including Swiss lace, French lace, Hollywood lace, and so on. Before introducing the different prices of each type, let us firstly look at what is the differences between these hair systems. 

The Hollywood lace is the same as the Swiss one, so there are two common types of lace system, the differences between which are easy to be recognized. The Swiss lace has a better appearance than the French one. It is soft and breathable, providing the best undetectable hairlines and a comfortable wearing experience. However, it is less durable than the French one. You may have to change it more frequently than the French lace. 

As for the French lace, it can also provide you with a natural appearance, but it not that finely made as the Swiss one. Different from the delicacy of the Swiss one, it is a bit tougher and stiffer. The so-called New York Lace refers to the French lace. These two lace hair systems are both nice options, you can choose one according to your requirements. Then, let us look at the prices of these two hair systems on shopping websites. 

Swiss lace hair system price

According to the searching results, the average price of this hair system for men is above 100US dollars. The cheapest one we have found also costs 139 US dollars. Most cost around 200US dollars. Pictures shown on the website all look pretty nice. 

As for the product quality, you can take the reviews under the product pictures as a reference and you can also search the store name online to see whether it is reliable. On Alibaba, there are cheaper Swiss lace hair systems. The prices go up from 50US dollars. At Walmart, there are more lace systems for women. 

French lace hair system price

On Amazon, the average price of French lace is higher than that of Swiss lace. The lowest one costs 159 US dollars. Most of the prices are 200-300 US dollars or so. Though looking good on pictures, importance should be attached to check the quality of products and reputation of stores. 

To make your shopping more convenient, we recommend you to buy lace hair systems at the Lavividhair store. The store is trustworthy specializing in providing various toupees and hair systems. It has been operated for years. Here, you can buy the best quality products and enjoy commendable services at affordable prices. The followings are nice French lace and Swiss lace systems selected from the store.

·Ares Men's Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

This product has French lace in the front. The back and side consist of skin. It is complete Indian Remy human hair with 95% hair density. A slight curly hairstyle makes it look fashionable. Of course, you can change the hairstyle to any kind you like. The hair is soft and easy to style. It can last 4-6 months, which means you only need to change it one time a year if it is maintained well. The price is 349US dollars. 

·Helios Hair System for Bald Men

It has a full Swiss lace base which is best for an active lifestyle. There are many colors available. With the thinnest and lightest lace as its base, the hair replacement system can give you the best wearing experience. It is not merely soft and shiny but strong and durable. It does not have the problem that most lace systems have. It can be used for a long time the same as the above-mentioned one. 


In short, apart from introducing the differences between the most popular two hair system types, we have collected information about the price of lace hair systems on major shopping websites. Also, we have recommended two typical products at the Lavividhair store so that you may spend less time picking a proper product. We hope you can find the most satisfactory hair replacement system after reading our article.


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