How to Choose the Lace Frontal Hairpieces for Men

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As people age, it is normal to experience some hormone imbalances. Excess of one specific hormone called androgen causes inflammation in the hair follicle. This causes the hair cycle to grow short, and eventually, the hair falls out. This specific turn of events is known as male pattern baldness. Statistics prove that more than 50 million men suffer from this hair loss condition by the time they are entering middle age. While the process itself is entirely natural and eventually happens to everyone, it can be quite difficult to comprehend and accept it. 

Best Solution For Hairloss 

A well-acquainted solution for hair loss is wearing wigs or toupee. Many men have come to adopt it in their everyday lifestyle, and it's a very viable option for people who are looking to cover up signs of aging. For some unlucky men, pattern baldness gets triggered quite early, mostly due to genetics. Whether you are a young man trying to cover up untimely hair loss or a maturely aged man looking to conceal a receding hairline, you can find the perfect hairpiece for you. There are many options when it comes to customized or pre-made hairpieces.

If you’re specifically looking to cover up your hairline, the men’s lace front hairpiece is the way to go. 

Lace Frontal Hairpiece 

A frontal hairpiece protects the entire frontal region of the head between temple to temple, without any risk of exposing the edges right at the hairline. A frontal hairpiece lace is a unit that helps you to draw back your hair while retaining a natural appearance. You can choose between various hair densities, women's and men's wigs, and different types of lace hair systems.

A benefit of using this kind of hairpiece is that your hairline is secured from damage, and when it comes to styling your hair system, you will have full flexibility. 

Why a lace frontal hairpiece is best for a hairline cover-up 

There are many advantages to wearing a men’s lace front hairpiece.

● Easy to handle and require very little time

Frontal hair pieces with a lace base are incredibly easy to install. Their soft, pliable material ensures that they can be worn easily and that they mold perfectly into the shape of your skull. Moreover, the semi-transparent mesh provides you with a seamless blend regardless of the color of your skin. 

● Versatile hairstyles

The seamlessly blending material of the lace frontal piece provides you with the luxury of styling your hair however you want. It does come with the limitation of front-facing or back-facing hair, but other than that limitation, you can slick back your hair or wear it down. It will appear perfectly natural and give you a charming look. 

● Allows breathability and space

Another mention-worthy feature of lace base in hairpieces is the allowance of breathability. The thin and pliable material of the lace ensures that the scalp and the natural hair itself have a breathable space to keep it healthy. While wearing hairpieces, the breathing space is very crucial to let the natural hair breathe, heal and nurture. 

Attaching Your Hairpieces 

Before you buy your hairpiece, there is another thing you need to decide. After choosing the base material and then other aspects such as hair fibre, color texture, etc., you need to decide on the attachment method you want to go forward with. There are many ways for you to secure men’s lace front hairpieces. There are adhesives and clips and a combination of both; we will list some of them below, along with their benefits.

● Glue Adhesives 

The most popular method for installing frontals is by adhering them to the hairline with glue. This is because most frontals come with a natural hairline that is meant to cover and give the illusion of being your real hairline. Before being fixed to your head, the frontal should be first matched with your natural hairline. The advantage of using the frontal securing glue method is that it can last up to 2 weeks before a retouch is required. The downside is that the edges can get thin and even contribute to hair loss along the hairline. With your hairstylist, it is recommended that you discuss your hair health and styles. 

● Double-sided tapes 

A more feasible option when it comes to wearing frontal pieces is using double-sided tapes. These tapes are designed specifically for lace bases and your scalp. While the tape is not as strong and secure as the adhesive, but it is a lot easier to use and can be used by a newbie or inexperienced person with very little practice. It is removed using liquid solvents, the same as a glue adhesive. 

Lace Hairpiece Removal and Cleaning

Lace front hairpieces can not only be for an extended period of time but also last a long while if they are treated with proper care. Lace bases need to be treated with a delicate hand and proper chemicals. Whether you use glue adhesives or double-sided tape, both need some sort of solvent to dissolve properly and then be cleaned and washed later. A mistake often made when cleaning lace bases is impatience; you need to let the solvent sit and do its work before you move to wipe all of it off. Make sure you use the solvent to clear your scalp of any remains of liquid or tape adhesives. 

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