Jake Kent’s Review of LaVivid Custom Made Hair System

September 02, 2021 Hair Replacement for Men Views: 2413

Today we're going to be getting a brand-new hair system installed. It's a custom unit which I'm super excited to show you guys and to explain what is going on inside of this hair system. 

This one is quite unique and it's actually got some new features in it. I have not had something like this before which honestly I'm pretty stoked about this. A new hair system out of the box, it's got a netting on it which is used to keep all the hair in place. It also comes on some kind of plastic generally so that way it's kept into the shape of a scalp and there's not any creases or wrinkles inside of the base. 

This hair system is a LaVivid hair system and it's cut already to my template. Another thing which is very special is that I have some highlights put into this hair system.

These aren't extreme. They're not like 90s boy band and sink style but what they are is I have it going from a seven ash hair color which is my natural hair color on the sides to a slightly lighter blonde now you can see it right here there's a little bit of differentiation between the hair in the front and the hair down on the sides and back. So I'm pretty excited about that because I've wanted to do kind of like a slightly highlighted look for some time. The other cool thing about this hair system is that the wave is actually at about a 24-millimeter rod size. It's a little bit curlier than what they consider their stock and on top of this the density of these units are about 90 so they're on the lighter side which makes sense because I don't get that much density now. The other thing about this to note is that it is a full poly base. Most of the systems that I wear are generally hybrid systems but this is a full polyurethane base and this also is 0.03 millimeter thickness poly. Now that means that it's probably going to last a little bit shorter duration because it's so thin but it's going to be a little bit more believable especially in the front hairline. So I'm really excited to try this out.  

Review after the Installation

It turned out to be so beautiful! First about the haircut, I think the stylist did a really good job with making sure that the fade is on point. There's obviously a lot of volume inside of this hair system that's just because it's brand new hair system. This volume is going to subside and it's going to start to relax a little bit more and it's going to have more of a natural volume to it that will kind of match my own hair a little bit better. So don't be thrown off by that real quick.  

Now let's talk about the actual specifications of the unit. So this is about a 95 density unit. This is a full poly base of .03 millimeter thin skin which I mean the hairline on this stuff is really good. You can see into the scalp and when you part your hair you get a nice natural kind of look down at the base. I do have inside of this unit that's new is it is actually highlighted so we have the kind of seven ash throughout the entire unit and then it's actually got some lighter blonde highlights throughout it. I really love the highlights because it gives the hair this dimension to it for me that's just like the next selling point on how good the hair looks having a touch of highlights that are just a touch lighter or some low lights that are just a touch darker. I think it really does a lot for the unit and I definitely want to continue doing that in the future. I feel like it adds that certain like reflective quality to it the dimension when the sun hits the hair and stuff that's it really sells it. So I think that's something I would definitely recommend if you're getting a hair system is to ask for highlights or low lights to give it a little bit more dimension on top of that. 

Overall I think it’s a great look. I'm sure some of the critique is at first going to be oh man it's too much hair there's too much density too much volume I beg to differ. I say give it a couple days and give it maybe three to four days and you'll probably wind up seeing that the density reduces but like coming directly out of the shop so to speak I think that this might be the best that the hair has ever looked. Getting your hair back with hair systems is a journey. It takes time to learn what's right what isn't right how to make it look real but also still have the style you want takes time but it's something that we're figuring out together.


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