Is Patrick Williams Hair Patch Natural?

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In today’s world, fans are very much concerned about their favorite personalities. Like other famous personalities, some talented basketball players also become famous and have a fan following around the globe. Fans of basketball must have familiar with young American Professional Basketball Player Patrick Williams.  

In this era of social media, fans and other public keenly observe each and everything of famous personalities. When the public sees a little change in someone then it spreads all over the social media. Nowadays, Patrick Williams is on social media and in news because of his hair. People are spreading rumors that his hair is not natural. In this article, we’ll let you know if his hair is natural or fake.

Patrick Lee Williams

Patrick Williams is an American Professional Basketball Player.  Williams chose Florida State over offers from Arizona, Clemson, Louisville, Maryland, NC State, Ohio State, Texas, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest to play college basketball. Williams led the Lions to the 4A State Championship game as a senior, averaging 22.1 points. He was voted Mecklenburg County Player of the Year by the Charlotte Observer. Williams took part in the Jordan Brand Classic in 2019. Williams finished his four-year high school career with 1,787 points, 749 rebounds, and 310 assists. According to ESPN, Williams entered his freshman year as the 21st-best prospect for the 2020 NBA draft.  He was the Seminoles' sixth man for the whole season. At the end of the regular season, Williams was named to the ACC All-Freshman team and the league Sixth Man of the Year after averaging 9.2 points, 4.0 rebounds, and one block per game. Williams and teammate Devin Vassell both declared for the 2020 NBA draft after the season. He started his professional career in 2020 and was selected with the fourth overall pick in the 2020 NBA draft by Chicago Bulls.  During the 5th game of 2021-22 Bull’s season, he got a wrist injury and was ruled out for 4 to 6 months for surgery and recovery.  He is on the NBA All-Rookie Second Team (2021). He is regarded as the ACC Sixth Man of The Year (2020) and ACC All-Freshman Team (2020). Nowadays, people are curious about his hair and say that his hair is not natural. He has so much hair on his head and a blonde patch that causes people to wonder about his hair.     

Rumors about Patrick Williams Hair Patch

Some rumors are going on about Patrick Williams’s hair. People doubt his hair and say that his hair doesn’t look natural. he has so much hair on his head. At first, we thought that all rumors were real because his head was full of hair. But after some observation, it becomes clear that all the rumors are not due to his full head of hair, he has a blonde patch on his hair which makes people spread rumors about him. Because of the blonde patch, people are in doubt. People say that it doesn’t look natural. Maybe he dyed his hair or he has an artificial hair patch on that particular area. All the rumors are due to that blonde patch of hair on his head. People are gossiping and spreading rumors about his hair.  Everyone is talking about his hair and he is all over the social media because of his hair. People are saying that he wears a fake or artificial blonde hair patch as a fashion or trend. Some are also saying that he dyes that particular patch of his hair. Many people do these things as a trend.  If we closely look at his pictures, his blonde patch doesn’t look fake or artificial. It looks natural. He doesn’t even dye his hair because if he dyes them then there should be the slightest change in the color of the hair patch. But the color of his patch remains the same all time. The reason behind him having a blonde patch is a skin or hair condition. His skin may lack pigment that’s why he has a blonde patch on his head. He has poliosis in which there happens to be a white or blonde patch on his head. According to some resources, he also has vitiligo in which a person lacks some pigment in the skin. Due to these issues, he has a blonde patch on his hair. So, we can say that his hair is natural. All the rumors are wrong about his hair. His blonde patch is due to poliosis.


Is Patrick Williams suffering from poliosis?

It’s a hair condition in which people have a gray or blonde patch on their hair. It is because of the lack of a pigment in the hair. Patrick William is suffering from poliosis that’s why he has a blonde patch on his head.

Did Patrick Williams dye his particular hair patch?  

Patrick Williams has a blonde patch on his head. So, it seems to people that maybe he has dyed his hair. But he doesn’t dye his hair. That blonde patch is natural and is due to poliosis.

Does Patrick Williams have an artificial blonde hair patch?

It seems to some people that Patrick Williams wears an artificial blonde hair patch as a trend or fashion. He doesn’t wear any artificial blonde hair patch and his blonde hair patch is natural.


Patrick Williams is in the news because of his blonde patch of hair. People are spreading rumors about his hair. According to people, his hair is not natural and he wears an artificial blonde hair patch on his head as a fashion or trend. Some people also said that his hair is natural but he dyes his hair. Everyone spread rumors according to their thinking and poor observation. But he doesn’t wear an artificial hair patch neither he dyes his hair. According to some resources, he has a hair condition poliosis so he lacks a hair pigment. That’s why he has a blonde patch on his hair. All the rumors are wrong and the truth is that he has a natural blonde hair patch because of poliosis. We’ll hope it will be all cleared now about Patrick Williams’s hair.        


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