Is it a Toupee or Lyle Menendez Natural Hair?

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Ever since their arrest in 1989, the Menendez brothers have been a media sensation. Lyle and Erik, then aged 21 and 18, respectively, were charged with the murder of their parents and received a life sentence without parole.

How did Lyle Menendez Toupee Become an Attraction?

Few people know that Lyle Menendez, one of the infamous Menendez brothers, wears a hairpiece. In fact, his secret was revealed during his trial for the murder of their parents. His lawyers even joked about it in court. 

While some might find this information embarrassing or distasteful, it's interesting to think about why Menendez might have decided to wear a hairpiece. What insecurity or fear led him to hide his baldness? We may never know for sure, but the hairpiece certainly adds an extra layer of intrigue to this notorious case.

There are many things that make Lyle Menendez stand out from other murderers. For one, he killed his parents in cold blood. Secondly, he's willing to admit it and doesn't try to hide behind a fake story or alibi. 

But what really makes him stand out is the fact that he wears a hairpiece.  Some people might say that this is just a desperate ploy to try and control how he's perceived by the public, but others believe that there's a deeper reason why Lyle Menendez wears a hairpiece. 

What Drove Lyle Menendez to Wear a Toupee?

Lyle's brother Erik in court revealed that his brother has male pattern baldness, which he wanted to cover with the help of a toupee. His brother had a heated argument with their mother, after which the mother ripped his toupee apart, leaving Lyle sobbing to death.

The series of events led to murder mystery which gained popularity within days, making the Menendez brothers and their toupees talk of the town. 

The crime series released their episode Menendez murder, and the hairpieces of the whole cast, including Lyle Menendez's character, attracted an audience. According to makeup artists, hair plays a great role in defining a character. Therefore, they had to make sure each actor had a close resemblance to the real-life characters they were playing. 

Lyle Menendez's toupee was made by a famous wig maker after a lot of research. 

What Does Lyle Menendez Toupee look like 

Some people might be wondering what Lyle Menendez's hairpiece looks like. Judging by some recent photos, it looks like he is wearing a very short, cropped wig. It seems to be made from human hair and is black in color. 

His natural hair color is black, so the toupee probably helps him to look more like his normal self. He has worn curly textured toupees in the past to cover up his baldness, but the most famous hairpiece that seems to be his go-to style choice is the cropped straight texture in jet black color. 

Where to find Lyle Menendez Toupee 

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